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10 Interesting Facts About Different Books of the Bible – Deuteronomy


The Book of Deutoronomy is the fifth book of the Old Testament, with Moses as its author. The book is a collection of Moses’ sermons to the Israelites shortly before their arrival at the Promised Land.

In this book, Moses repeatedly reminds the Israelites about the sins that had prevented their ancestors from entering the Promised Land, as well as to obey God. He also reminds the people of the events that happened during the 40 years of wilderness wanderings which have brought them to this moment. It is also a book of law as it goes into details about the moral laws, as well as Moses’ life and briefly his death.

Deuteronomy is a book chalk-full of history, religious law, and teaching

Moses, after his long and fulfilled life, died in a land called Moab

10 Interesting Facts About Different Books of the Bible – Deuteronomy | Only One Hope - Part 9

Every seventh year debts around the Israelite nation were to be forgiven, no matter how big – This event was called The Year of the Lord’s Release

Aaron, the high priest, died at a place called Mosera – Eleazar, Aaron’s son, took over the office of high priest in his recently deceased father’s place

While Moses was forbidden from entering the Promise Land, he was able to view it from a mountain called Pisgah – God gave Moses an opportunity to see what he led the Israelites to, despite his disobedience

Deuteronomy shows the importance of keeping every single law Moses has taught to them – Can you imagine? The pressure to follow all laws to the letter?

Bible Verse Deuteronomy

There were a set of blessings and curses laid over the Israelites as they crossed the Jordan River into Canaan – Don’t worry, not real curses, but more of reminders that they were to live under God’s authority in the Promise Land

After Moses’ death, there was never another prophet like Moses who knew God as he did

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