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16 Quote Books for Inspiration, Motivation, or Simple Enjoyment

Sometimes you want to write a speech. Sometimes you want to be amused. Sometimes you need something to keep you going forward. Sometimes you just need a word of comfort. Whatever you need, you can find something to fit in one of these books.



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365 Best Inspirational Quotes

100 Inspirational Quotes

Joyce Meyer Quotes

3000 Plus Beautiful Bible Verses and Amazing Christian Quotes

Be: Biblical Wisdom for Children

Billy Graham in Quotes

Quotes, Quips, & the Serious Bits

The Quotable Lewis

Daily Inspiration


The Funniest Quotes Book

Inspire Me!

Chasers of the Light

The Canine Commandments

Cat-titudes to Live By

The Speaker's Quote Book



1. 365 Best Inspirational Quotes: Daily Motivation For Your Best Year Ever

A year of motivation in quotation form, this book gives favorite positive quotes from everyone from ancient philosophers to modern-day wisdom. One a day can give you a steady boost of positivity, or you can read through the whole thing to turbo-charge the positive thinking in your life.

2. 100 Inspirational Quotes: And the Life-Changing Scriptures Behind Them

Joyce Meyer’s collection of 100 inspirational quotes based on Scripture help to keep your mind focused on God’s word and the peace that comes with it. Use these words of wisdom to keep your mind stayed on Christ and make a positive impact on your life.

3. Joyce Meyer Quotes – Inspirational Collection of Joyce Meyer Quotes (You Can Begin Again, Battlefield of the Mind, Beauty for Ashes, Change Your Words, Change Your Life) (Joyce’s Gems)

This book of 101 quotes from Joyce Meyer includes categories such as Prayer, Forgiveness, Blessing Others, Faith, and Joy, among others. These quotes will help those who face obstacles and difficulties to have a proper response, because how we handle setbacks and disappointments is what matters.

4. 3000 Plus Beautiful Bible Verses and Amazing Christian Quotes: What The Bible Says About…

What the Bible says  about questions you have, in about 70 different categories, is in this book from several versions of the Bible and from Christian leaders. Some of the categories include: Courage, Death, Grief, Healing, Joy, Obedience, Pride, Promises of God, Serving, Sin, Trust, and Worry.

5. Be: Biblical Wisdom for Children

This book is geared toward children, in a read-aloud format to allow parents and grandparents (or other caregivers) to share Bible truths with children. Free downloadable resources are also made available through purchase of this book.

6. Billy Graham in Quotes

One of the great preachers of recent years, Billy Graham’s more than seventy years of preaching yielded a variety of quotable content. This collection spans the whole seven decades of Graham’s ministry offering truth, hope, and redemption to readers.

7. Quotes, Quips, & the Serious Bits: (A Smile & Ponder Book)

Bits and pieces gathered from the seven-novel adventure series about Elmo Jenkins adorn the pages of this book. For those who have read the books, fond memories will be brought to mind. Those who have never heard of the series may find themselves intrigued along with inspired and amused.

8. The Quotable Lewis

C.S. Lewis has written such a prolific quantity of manuscripts that are a veritable treasure trove of wit and wisdom. Quotes range from light and humorous to depths of wisdom.

9. Daily Inspiration: 365 Quotes from Saints

This book is filled with a year’s worth of quotes from ancient saints to help start your day with a dose of wisdom to encourage you and to carry with you through the day – or to end the day with a bit of serenity to follow you into the rest of sleep.

10. Adrianisms: The Collected Wit and Wisdom of Adrian Rogers

Adrian Rogers preached for over fifty years. One of the most respected Bible teachers in America, Rogers’ ministry still has impact due to sermons, book, and study resources that he made available. These quotes are full of his inspiration and humor.

11. The Funniest Quotes Book: 1001 Of The Best Humourous Quotations

Laughter does good like a medicine, according to Proverbs, and this book is sure to be one of the healthiest books! The author’s opinion is that humor is often enhanced when holding a grain of truth with a quirky perspective. If you want to laugh, this is a good place to start!

12. Inspire Me!: A father-daughter book of quotations to motivate, teach and inspire

These quotes were gathered by a father and daughter from a wide variety of people from farmers and philosophers to world leaders and bloggers – basically anyone with something positive to say. This book’s profits are donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

13. Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series

Most of these books have been simple prose – just what people said. This one is a little different – filled with a variety of poems of beauty, bits and pieces, and life in general.

14. The Canine Commandments: Life Lessons From Dogs

Dogs have not a care in the world. Instead of don’ts, this book is full of positive lessons from dogs. Life can have straightforward and uncomplicated aspects. This book’s profits are donated to caring for and rescuing dogs and other animals.

15. Cat-titudes to Live By

Not a dog person? This adorable little book is full of cats and quotes. Topics like prayer, life, family, and joy are paired with cute little cats with attitude to brighten the day of anyone who is fond of felines.

16. The Speaker’s Quote Book: Over 5,000 Illustrations and Quotations for All Occasions

No list of quote books would be complete without a book that contains thousands of quotes for all occasions. No matter where you are giving a speech, or what publication to which you are submitting an article, this book is sure to have a quote or story that works perfectly.

Every situation that needs a quote can be satisfied with one or more of these amazing collections of wisdom, positivity, motivation, and inspiration.

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