27 Devotionals for Families

The old adage says that a family that prays together, stays together. This has proven true in many, many families. Sometimes it is easier to establish the habit of family devotions by having a book to help guide the family through the Bible and keep them on track. Whether you want to have the same book for a year or whether you prefer to have a new book each month, the devotionals listed below can be a great help in keeping your family devotions going smoothly.

27 Devotionals for Families
There are two sections: holiday studies and general devotions. This is because certain times of the year seem to lend themselves to deeper study about the holiday itself, such as Christmas and Easter. Since these studies are meant for a specific time of year, they are listed separately to be more easily identified.

Specific Holiday Studies

Where to Buy
Forty Names of Jesus
The Jesus Tree
Looking Toward the Cross
Mission Accomplished
The Way to the Manger
The Word Became Flesh

1. Forty Names of Jesus: A Lenten Devotional for Families (Kindle)

This devotional highlights the presence of Christ throughout the Bible, encouraging families to worship the Savior, and includes practical activities. Meant for children ages 5-10, this devotional is excellent for Lent, but even families who choose not to observe Lent can still use this to show how all of Scripture centers on Christ.

2. The Jesus Tree

These 48 devotions are meant to help families focus on Jesus during the weeks leading up to Easter. Study about Jesus’ earthly life and the ministry He fulfilled in His time here.

3. Looking Toward the Cross: A 40-Day Easter Journey for Families

Object lessons accompany 5-minute devotions for spiritual growth during the Lenten season leading up to Easter.

4. Mission Accomplished: A Two-Week Family Easter Devotional

Spend tend minutes a day for two weeks with the family teaching about Jesus’ last days on earth. Learn about the significance of Palm Sunday, the death, resurrection, and what happened afterward. Hymn and activity suggestions help to reinforce the lessons for the whole family.

5. The Way to the Manger: A Family Advent Devotional

Christmas can be chaotic, but it does not have to focus on the earthly, material things. This devotional refocuses families on the real reason for Christmas throughout the Advent season.

6. The Word Became Flesh: A Family Lenten Devotional Guide

Celebrate the life on earth of Christ, following Him through his life, death, and resurrection. This devotional is meant to guide families through the meaning of Easter and Lent.

General Devotions

Where to Buy
Big Beliefs!
The Big Picture Family Devotional
Dinnertime Devotions
Faithful Families
The Family Project Devotional
Family Walk
Hands-On Bible 365 Devotions for Kids
Jesus Calling Family Devotional
No More Fear for Kids
On the Go Family Devotions
One Year Book of Family Devotions
Our Kids - Our Responsibility
Pope Francis Family Devotional
Sticky Situations
Table Talk
Teach from Love
3-Minute Devotions for Families
The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions


1. Big Beliefs!: Small Devotionals Introducing Your Family to Big Truths

Teaching the children Scripture truths can seem daunting, but with this devotional, children can be taught simply with three readings weekly. Each key doctrine includes appropriate Scripture references to support the concept as well as questions to encourage discussion and help the children comprehend the big beliefs.

2. The Big Picture Family Devotional

For families just starting to develop the family devotion habit, this devotional is easy to use and introduces children to the Bible’s big picture. Meant to be used three times a week, each lesson takes about 5-10 minutes and includes a Bible question with an answer that is also a memory verse, a read-aloud section of Scripture, a short devotional, and discussion starters.

3. Dinnertime Devotions: Bite-Sized Inspiration for Families

Many families recognize the benefits of a regular family dinnertime. This book also recognizes those benefits and helps to make dinnertime a time of Scripture, talking about God, and healthy conversation.

4. Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home

Foster faith in the family with the resources in this devotional. Good for families just starting family devotions or for a family who has had a family altar in place for years, this book will increase faith through new and old Christian practices.

5. The Family Project Devotional

This book from Focus on the Family is meant to encourage reflecting God’s design in your home. It includes a year of practical applications and Biblical inspiration for families including topics such as bearing one another’s burdens. The topics are arranged into weekly focused lessons, and build on the weekly topic each day.

6. Family Walk

52 different topics in this book allow families to discuss something different every week for a year. Each week has the introduction, then questions, stories, Scripture, and steps for application in everyday life throughout the week following.

7. Hands-On Bible 365 Devotions for Kids: Faith-Filled Activities for Families

Energize family devotions with this engaging and interactive devotional book. 365 days of action including singing, dancing, giggling, excitement, and creativity using items likely already in the house will make children more interested in taking the time for family devotions, and the hands-on nature will help the lessons to stick.

8. Home: a Devotional for Families

Parenting is not an easy task! In today’s world, good is called bad and bad is called good, and immorality is put forth as the right thing. This six-week devotional teaches children what God says and aids in spiritual growth. This one is written for families with school-aged children.

9. Indescribable: 100 Devotions for Kids About God and Science

Creation is amazing, and that is because the Creator is awesome. These devotions examine creation’s majesty through photographs, illustrations, and scientific discoveries. Topics include animals, space, the earth, and humans.

10. Jesus Calling Family Devotional

The popular Jesus Calling devotional has been set up for families with the adult devotion and the child devotion side by side. Read, pray, and discuss with the whole family. Grow closer to each other while growing closer to Christ.

11. No More Fear for Kids

When an 8-12 year old child is fearful or anxious, this family devotional can help them to address the fears and see how God’s attributes relate and offers examples of real life to assist children in dealing with the everyday worries that children face through positive interaction with their parents and with the Bible.

12. On the Go Family Devotions: Journeying Together

Written for families with children of preschool and elementary age, this devotional encourages families to share faith wherever they are. Center the family in Scripture and create a habit of conversing about God whenever and wherever the family is.

13. One Year Book of Family Devotions, Vol. 1

A full year of fun stories and Scripture to boost family devotions. Scriptures from the NLT are printed next to the stories, and each lesson includes a way to personalize the lesson, a verse to memorize, and a short summary to help the children remember. The stories are intended for children ages 6-10.

14. Our Kids – Our Responsibility

If family devotions have been tried in the past and failed, this one is different! This one goes in depth and offers questions for discussion, and is intended for anyone, regardless of your theological knowledge level.

15. Pope Francis Family Devotional

Quotes from Pope Francis and a reflection to encourage discussion among the family are a good addition to dinnertime, breakfast, or bedtime to refocus minds and hearts on God.

16. Sticky Situations

This set of devotions is meant for families with children between 8-12, with short readings to cover every day for an entire year. Each one has a situation that results in a dilemma and fosters discussion on what would be the best way to handle it. Scripture is listed to help see what God would prefer in each situation. These are excellent discussion starters for family devotion times.

17. Table Talk: Family Dinner Devos

Each of the 31 devotions in this book starts with a cute quote from a real kid, teaches a Bible lesson, and then offers a discussion starter. Enjoy recipes together while enjoying discussions and learning.

18. Teach from Love: School Year Devotional for Families

Five days a week for the entire school year, these weekly character-based devotions include a Scripture, a short lesson, a suggested prayer, and family discussion questions. Encourage Christian living with family time every day.

19. 3-Minute Devotions for Families

Take just three minutes a day to jump-start family devotions wherever you are. Meditate on Scripture, read a short devotional, and read a suggested prayer that can spark a conversation with God.

20. Together

These devotions for young children and families will help to teach children to understand Scripture and learn it, to pray, and to learn through family discussion as well. Meant for children between 2-7, these studies are a good starting point to train up children in the Word of God.

21. The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions

52 engaging devotions include hands-on object lessons that draw the children in and help them remember the spiritual lessons being taught. Electricity, fire, and more will make their way into family devotion time and get everyone excited about spending time learning what God says.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but there are some great devotionals listed for families who are just endeavoring to begin a family devotion time as well as many for families to continue to grow spiritually through a daily time with God and the family.