Bible Arts and Crafts

There is no better way to reinforce concepts learned from the Bible than through hands-on activities. Creativity and imagination can be encouraged through different papercrafts, coloring papers, and 3D things that relate to the story or lesson. For teachers and parents, these books and kits can make it easier to come up with associated craft ideas.  


Where to Buy
The Big Book of Bible Stories to Make
Big Picture Bible Crafts – Reproducible Pages
The Super Sized Book of Bible Crafts
The Big Book of Bible Crafts
Bible Stories and Crafts
Bible Make and Do: Book 2
Bible Memory Verse Crafts
Easy Christian Crafts
Year-Round Crafts for Kids
Bible Origami


1. The Big Book of Bible Stories to Make

This book contains projects related to stories in both the Old and New Testaments, including the Garden of Eden, Noah, baby Moses, Daniel, Jonah, Jesus, Gabriel, and more. Many projects use recyclable materials found commonly in the home.

2. Big Picture Bible Crafts – Reproducible Pages

This book of 101 crafts include, for each project: the Bible passage to which it relates, a complete list of needed supplies, instructions, suggestions for using with different age groups, and a memory verse that is illustrated. Scriptures in this book are from the ESV.

3. The Super Sized Book of Bible Crafts

This 256-page book contains over 80 crafts, games, and projects with a Bible lesson, a memory verse, and step by step instructions. Perforated, reproducible pages make it easy to use, and the materials are simple household items.

4. The Big Book of Bible Crafts

The 100 crafts in this book are meant to be economical, using supplies that are easy to obtain. There are sections based on age groups, containing perforated reproducible pages. Each craft relates to a person or story in the Bible, to help reinforce the lesson the child has learned.

5. Bible Stories and Crafts

For ages 7-11, this book has 22 crafts from Old Testament stories and 14 from the New Testament, plus one finishing activity that reminds children they are special to God.

6. Bible Make and Do: Book 2

Familiar stories combine with craft ideas in this activity book. These projects span two pages, with one side retelling the story and the other explaining a project relating to the story. Some of the crafts include collages, papier mache, weaving, masks, and more.

7. Bible Memory Verse Crafts

This book contains crafts to reinforce and help with remembering memory verses. The verses are from a popular modern translation to make them easier for children to remember.

8. Easy Christian Crafts (for PreK-K)

Meant for preschool and Kindergarten aged children, these crafts are easy to make and reinforce Bible concepts, lesson, and Scripture.

9. Year-Round Crafts for Kids

These 30 crafts cover all sorts of major holidays from Valentine’s Day to Christmas, as well as seasons, with crafts that relate to Bible verses or concepts.

10. Bible Origami

This box set contains the book of instructions as well as papers that coordinate with the pieces being made. The instructions can be used with plain paper, as well.


Where to Buy
10 Commandments for Kids Craft Kit
Magic Color Scratch Cross Ornaments
Magnet Craft Kits
Cross Sand Art Bottles
Craft Sand Art Assortment
Perler Bead Bible Bucket
Decorate Your Own Cross Ornament
Cross Sand Art Necklaces
Empty Tomb Prayer Box Kit
God’s Love is So Big Mouse Craft Kit
Holy Week Mobile
Hanukkah Assorted Kits
Prayer Box Craft Kit
Make-A-Bible-Story Stickers


1. 10 Commandments for Kids Craft Kit

This kit has enough pieces for twelve children to create a house-shaped craft with the 10 Commandments inside. The embellishments are made of self-adhesive foam and the base is wooden.

2. Magic Color Scratch Cross Ornaments

These 24 cross shapes on a string are made with a scratch-off black surface over a rainbow-colored background. The 12 included scratching tools can be used to make designs on the crosses, and the 24 satin ribbons will hang the crosses wherever you desire.

3. Magnet Craft Kits

12 magnet kits have messages to remind children to trust in the Lord. Embellishments, instructions, and base pieces are included.

4. Cross Sand Art Bottles

This kit includes 5 bottle to fill with glitter or colored sand (not included). There is one funnel included in the kit.
Craft Sand: Craft Sand Art Assortment

5. Perler Bead Bible Bucket

This bucket of beads includes 5000 beads of multiple colors, 3 pegboards, ironing paper, and a pattern sheet with instructions.

6. Decorate Your Own Cross Ornament

30 thin wooden crosses with printed designs come with 8 markers and three tubes of glitter. These would be great for a Sunday School craft around Easter time, but children would enjoy doing them at any time!

7. Cross Sand Art Necklaces

12 clear plastic crosses with lids connected to strings are made to be filled with sand or glitter (sold separately), or water.
Craft Sand: Craft Sand Art Assortment

8. Empty Tomb Prayer Box Kit

Unique craft has the stone on the outside and when the box is opened, you see “He is not here. Jesus has risen!” Very cute keepsake, this kit makes 12. The box is cardboard and is small, but sufficient for slips of paper holding prayers to remember.

9. God’s Love is So Big Mouse Craft Kit

These 12 craft kits use self-adhesive foam and chenille to make a small mouse with a big heart that lets kids know how big God’s love is!

10. Holy Week Mobile

12 prepackaged kits include satin cording, top piece, and cutouts to make these mobiles that give the Holy Week, death and resurrection story for Easter.

11. Hanukkah Assorted Kits

These 13 individually packaged kits are all different. Each one has a different Hanukkah-related activity ranging from stickers, pom poms, foil art, mosaic, and more.

12. Prayer Box Craft Kit

Three kits for children to decorate prayer boxes include a mini card box, self-adhesive foam embellishments, and instructions. The boxes are 2.4” x 1.6” – just big enough for prayers written on small pieces of paper.

13. Make-A-Bible-Story Stickers

12 sets include background scenes and stickers to make a picture of a Bible story. Each set includes 12-17 stickers.

Whether you need projects for Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, homeschool, or some other sort of situation where you are teaching the Bible to children, one or more of these books or project kits are sure to be exactly perfect! Most are adaptable for different ages, and can spark ideas for further projects from other Scripture passages.