Devotionals for Teen Girls

Teen girls who desire a closer walk with the Savior can find the tools to facilitate that closeness and a relationship like none other with Jesus through one or more of the devotionals below.

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All in All Journaling Devotional
The Attitude Antidote
Brave Beauty
Dare Greatly
A Daughter’s Heart
A Daughter’s Worth
Devotions for the God Girl
For Girls Only!
Get Your Spirit On!



1. All in All Journaling Devotional: Loving God Wherever You Are

Jesus is All in All – and this devotional reinforces that. The wit and wisdom contained in this devotional will teach the freedom and fulness of a life full of Jesus. 100 devotions with journaling prompts encourage thought, writing, and understanding of the goodness of God.

2. The Attitude Antidote: A Whole Life Overhaul

This 21-day devotional leads girls through daily readings and prayer starters to change attitudes, encourage self-control, offer happiness and hope, and refocus on God, among other things. Looking at life through the eyes of Christ will cause an attitude change!

3. Beloved

365 devotions written for young women addresses topics with the help of women in the Bible, such as Abigail, Ruth, and Mary. Journaling space allows teens to mark down things that matter to her.

4. Brave Beauty: Finding the Fearless You

Teen girls are often trying to figure out who they are and where they are headed in life. They want answers to the questions that arise during this time of change and growth. These devotions foster courage and confidence in tween and young teens.

5. Dare Greatly: A High School Girl’s Bible Study on Thriving in Your Teens

Our lives tend to follow a routine pattern in high school years, with little diversion for enjoyment, but a lot of stress. Life does not have to be just survival. This Bible study offers a teen girl advice to help her live exceptionally, be courageous, run the race faithfully, and dare to do great things for God.

6. A Daughter’s Heart: Falling in Love with the Father

What is important about life is the Father – the One who created people and knows them better than anyone on earth. This six-week devotional encourages girls to view themselves as the daughter of the King. It uses a conversational style to teach lessons about God’s holiness and promises, Jesus’ sacrifice, and much more.

7. A Daughter’s Worth

This interactive devotional offers practical Bible study to aid teens in discovering their own worth. Topics include managing emotions, dating with discretion, treasuring the family, choosing good friends, true beauty, and much more.

8. Devotions for the God Girl

These 365 one-page daily devotions for upper teens include a Scripture verse, a reflection that encourages becoming a Godly woman, and challenges to make choices in thoughts, actions, and everything in life according to what God says.

9. For Girls Only!

Young teen girls can use the Biblical concepts presented in these devotions to learn what God wants in their daily lives. Whimsical art aimed at girls graces the pages that also contain stories, interactive elements such as quizzes, to-do lists, and more.

10. Get Your Spirit On!

This devotional especially for cheerleaders – whether already, aiming for, or wishing to be – has 40 weekly devotions to allow them to be used every week during a typical cheerleading season. Each devotion includes prayer, Scripture, a question, a section for journaling, and calls to action. Tips, chants and stats about cheerleading are also included on the pages.

Where to Buy
God Hearts Me
Grace Upon Grace
Heaven In My Heart
Just for Teen Girls
Know the Power Of I AM
Live Fearless
A Little God Time for Teens
Made to Shine
My Doodle Prayer Journal
This Is Now
365 Days to Knowing God for Girls
3-Minute Devotions for Girls
True Images Devotional


11. God Hearts Me: 3-Minute Devotions for Girls on the Go!

These 3-minute devotions for young teens will help young ladies to develop a daily habit of time with God. Each devotion includes a Scripture on which to meditate, a devotional reading, and a prayer to start a conversation with God.

12. Grace Upon Grace: A Gratitude Journal

This gratitude journal has a Scripture on each page – most are from the KJV, though some are NIV. The pages are undated, with prompts to encourage thought about what God has done and what there is to be thankful for.

13. Heaven In My Heart

Salvation means Jesus is in you, and this devotional focuses on that essential point. Teen girls who want God’s best in their life can find what they are looking for through this devotional.

14. Just for Teen Girls – Quiet Time Devotional Journal & Coloring Book

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,” Proverbs says, and this 365 page devotional includes creativity with faith and joy to draw in teen girls and inspire them in their daily walk with God. Themes include coffee, tea, pets, friendship, character, and the fruit of the Spirit. Each day includes Scripture, journaling prompts, gratitude, prayer, and more. This book was especially written to aid girls with dyslexia, language disorders, and similar challenges, by an author who is personally well acquainted with the challenges of such disorders, but is suitable for any teen girl.

15. Know the Power of I AM

The Bible tells us that there is immeasurable power in the tongue, and this devotional teaches teen girls the power of affirmation in their lives. They will see what God says and how who He is makes it worth so much more than what the world says. They will learn to speak about how God sees them.

16. Live Fearless: A Call to Power, Passion, and Purpose

Fear is a big part of life for teens – fear from insecurity, peer pressure, isolation, comparison, and more. This devotional aids in setting aside fear and anxiety to become filled with joy and fearless because God is bigger than all the scary things in life!

17. A Little God Time for Teens

Teen girls today have access to all kinds of information and ideas but finding the truth can be difficult. Because of this, it is important to spend time with God every day to see how He sees people – that He sees teens as beautiful, loved, and created for a reason.

18. Made to Shine: A Girls-Only Devotional

This exciting journey of devotions points toward Jesus – the Morning Star, the ultimate Day Star – and encourages girls to shine in God’s glory. Scripture, questions, song suggestions, and journaling space make this an enjoyable devotional to lead teens to a deeper relationship with Jesus.

19. My Doodle Prayer Journal

This doodle journaling book contains prayer prompts, lined pages for journaling, blank pages for drawing, and doodle activities. Each 8.5” x 11” single-sided page is meant to prevent bleed through.

20. Priceless: Who I Am When I Feel…

Daughters tend to feel more, emotionally. This is a good thing, if they learn to handle it properly. This devotion for teen girls will assist in recognizing and directing emotional responses, because feelings are a gift from God.

21. This Is Now: A Girl-to-Girl Devotional

Girls want to hear from people who understand what they are going through, and this devotional definitely fits that bill. It is written by girls, for girls. Because being a teen girl is not easy, this devotional helps teens to realize they are not alone – that what they are going through has been survived before, and they, too, can thrive despite their challenges.

22. 365 Days to Knowing God for Girls

This LuxLeather covered devotional offers challenges, applications, and daily Scripture for girls. While aimed at 8-12 year olds, young teens are likely to enjoy it, as well.

23. 3-Minute Devotions for Girls

In a teen girl’s busy life, sometimes it feels like there is just no time to stop and connect with the heavenly Father, but this book, with three-minute devotions, can fit into any schedule. Each day has a Scripture passage, a short devotional, and a prayer to get you started in your conversation with God.

24. True Images

Self-image is a tough thing to reconcile, especially in the teen years. Most teens look in the mirror and see deficiencies based on the world’s view of beauty, but God has a different definition of beauty. This 90-day devotional will walk girls through seeing a true image, based on God’s definition through devotional thoughts, Scripture, prayer, and journaling.

25. Unique: A Creative Devotional Journal

Teen girls can find encouragement in the devotional readings contained in this book. Topics include faith, friendship, forgiveness, and more. Inspiration in the form of coloring sections, journal prompts, Scriptures that are easy to understand, and prayers fill the pages of this fun devotional journal.

Girls of all ages can establish a daily quiet time with God and learn to apply His word to their lives. Devotionals like these can be a stepping stone to a deeper study and a more thorough understanding of God’s word, God’s will, and God’s way.