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Facts About 1 Timothy

Facts About 1 Timothy

The First Epistle to Timothy, aka Book of 1 Timothy, is a Pauline Epistle written by the Apostle Paul around 62 A.D. Here, he encouraged a young pastor named Timothy by giving him advice regarding leadership to the church at Ephesus and probably other churches in Asia. Paul warned Timothy about false teachings, as well as emphasized the importance of church responsibility in dealing with the church members (especially widows and the elders) as well as exhorting the wealthy to become more generous.

1 Timothy is one of three “pastoral epistles”

Timothy became a convert during Paul’s 1st missionary journey

Timothy was a native of Lystra, which was where Paul was stoned and left for dead

Paul decided to take Timothy with him after visiting Lystra during his 2nd missionary journey

Despite the Law of Moses no longer being in effect, Timothy was circumcised because of the work he and Paul would be doing among the Jews

Timothy aided Paul in Troas, Berea, Thessalonica, Corinth, Ephesus, and Rome

1 Timothy was written by Paul to Timothy in order to strengthen his faith and also to help prepare him for the challenges to come

Timothy’s responsibilities were to appoint elders, oppose false teachings, be an example to others, use his spiritual gifts, and to fight for the faith

Timothy was also made ready to deal with disciplinary actions, the proclamation of scripture, poverty and wealth, and the roles of different groups within the church

Timothy was also instructed to refute error in the people’s faith and to teach only truth to those who believed

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