Facts About 2 Timothy

Timothy 2 was written by Apostle Paul around 67 A.D. It was his last letter before he was executed by the Romans (probably by decapitation).

Apostle Paul wrote this letter to Timothy (or Saint Timothy) while he was imprisoned in Rome again, and for the last time, so this was kind of a farewell note. Judging from the somber nature of the work, Paul knew that his mission was over and that his life on earth would end soon. Paul wrote this epistle to urge Timothy (as well as other believers) to stand firm and strong in faith, to warn him of the coming days of godlessness, as well as to encourage Timothy to continue to preach the Gospel.

2 Timothy is one of the three “pastoral epistles”

2 Timothy is the final book Paul wrote

2 Timothy was written when Paul was imprisoned in Rome

It is often theorized that Paul was arrested in the city of Troas due to his belongings were left without warning

Paul asks Timothy to bring him his books, parchments, and coat before winter sets in

Paul says to Timothy that he is a staunch soldier of God

Paul provides many encouragements to Timothy in keeping his faith

Paul also gives warning to Timothy for those things that would shake his faith in God

2 Timothy was written in 67 A.D.

Paul calls Timothy his “true son in the faith” in the opening of 2 Timothy