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Also known as the “Epistle to the Colossians,” the Book of Colossians was written by the apostle Paul from 58 to 62 A.D., to the church of Colossae which is near Laodicea. It is another one of Paul’s four “prison epistles.” He had never seen the Colossian church. That’s why he included his personal greetings in his epistle, something that he did to the other churches he had not visited. Paul sought to reach out to the people he hoped to serve and teach through writing these letters, rather than by going from one city to another to carry out his ministerial and apostolic duties.

Through this letter, Paul warned the believers not to follow the false teachings of the heretics that were threatening to reduce Jesus Christ to a mere “unique man.” The overriding theme of this book is to proclaim the absolute supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ. He also gave advice to the church to put God at the center of their lives. This book sends out a message that being a Christian is not following a certain religion — accepting and believing in Christ is like having a relationship and a family with Him. In other words, being a Christian is a way of life.









Facts About Colossians


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