Facts About James the Younger

James the Younger, or James the Lesser (Less) was one of the later disciples called by Jesus. He lived in Galilee with his brother Jude. Jude was also called to be a disciple by Jesus. Not much is known about James, little is mentioned in the Bible about him. He was known, however, to be quite a fiery, boisterous person, the passion aiding him in spreading the Gospel. James preached all across Egypt and Palestine. He was eventually put in charge of the church of Jerusalem. He was killed by a mob of persecutors who beat and stoned him to death.

Name: James

Family: Alpheus (Father), Mary (Mother), Jude (Brother)

Nicknames: The Lesser, the Younger

  • The Lesser spawns from him being shorter than James the Greater, it in no way means he was inferior to the other disciples
  • The Younger comes from him being younger than James the Elder and was often used as an addition to his name in place of the Lesser


  • Fiery
  • Strong Willed

Life before Christ:

  • Lived in Galilee


  • Wrote the Book of James
  • Preached in Palestine and Egypt
  • Elected by the other disciples to lead the church in Jerusalem
  • Was eventually martyred for being a Christian


    • Was beaten and stoned by persecutors and was eventually killed by a blow to the head from a club