Fascinating Archeological Discoveries That Support The Bible


The Baruch Bulla containing Baruch’s seal was discovered in the mid-1970s and was purchased from an antiquities market by an Israeli collector. He gave permission to archaeologist Nahman Avigad to have the bulla (an inscribed clay seal) published.
It has the measurement of 17 to 16 millimeters and is stamped with an oval seal, 13 by 11 millimeters. It bears the pre-exilic Hebrew alphabet that shows:

lbrkyhw (Belonging to Berechiah)
bn nryhw (son of Neriah)
hspr (the scribe)

This impression was certainly of Baruch ben Neriah, the prophet Jeremiah’s scribe who wrote to Jeremiah’s dictation (Jer. 36:4). Another bulla was discovered in 1996, which contained the same impression and seal; it also belonged to Baruch.