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Like many other books in the Bible, the author of the 1 Samuel is anonymous. The author existed way long after King Solomon’s death in around 930 BC, which eventually led Israel to be split into two countries. It is named after the prophet Samuel, but he himself did not write this book because he passed away before the end of it.

1 Samuel chronicles the major events during the time when Israelites regarded their leaders as “judges,” and Samuel was the last of them. Samuel, being also a priest and a prophet, anointed Saul who was the first King of Israel. At first Saul had a good reign. But soon after that he disobeyed God so He chose another man named David to be the King, and David would obey him. The book ends with Saul’s demise. The book of 2 Samuel chronicles King David’s life.

Bible Verse 1 Samuel 1:11

The Lord blessed Samuel by having all he said come true as he grew up – Pretty good to be in God’s good books huh

Samuel once placed a stone on the ground and stopped a Philistine invasion of Israel – That is when you know God is on your side

Samuel called the people of Israel together at Mizpeh to proclaim Saul king

In 1 Samuel God says that they rejected Him as their King – Despite creating them and loving them, they reject Him as their king, it’s enough to make anyone frustrated

God told Samuel that both of Eli’s sons, Hophni and Phineas, would be killed because they were stealing sacrifices form the Temple – They were killed when the Tabernacle was taken by the Philistines

Samuel turned back another army of Philistines by offering a lamb to God and crying out to him

Samuel told Saul after the battle against the Amalekites that he would be rejected as king

Samuel was buried in his house after he died

Samuel built an altar to the Lord in a place called Ramah – Samuel was obviously very devoted to God and often returned to this altar to worship Him

Samuel means “name of God”

Samuel is from the tribe of Levi

Samuel is the last Judge and appoints the first two kings of Israel - Saul and David

Samuel is the only ghost we meet in the Bible – A medium conjures up his Spirit

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