Fun Facts About Books of the Bible – Judges

The Book of Judges is the seventh book of the Hebrew and the Christian Bibles. It was named after the rulers who are referred to as “judges,” who are the main figures of the book. The judges were more military than religious, as they were mainly soldiers and fighters. The book basically highlights the judges’ deeds, and many of these judges helped the Israelites from the repercussions of their sins.

We can learn many lessons from the Book of Judges — about how the Lord allows suffering on His people as a result of their transgressions, and that He is willing to deliver them as often as they make repentance for their sins.

Othiniel was the first judge in Israel’s history – Othiniel was also the son of Caleb, how’s that for a pedigree?

Ehud was the second judge of Israel and was known for stabbing a king named Eglon with a sword – Ehud judged Israel for 80 years, longer than any other judge

Eglon was the King of Moab and conquered and ruled Israel for 18 years before finally being killed by Ehud.

Ehud originated from the tribe of Benjamin – Interestingly enough, the tribe of Benjamin was the smallest of the twelve tribes, it speaks that God would choose from this tribe

Judges, when translated, most closely means Saviors – Judges were most often people who saved Israel from terrible peril or oppression and also often served as rulers of the Israelites.

One judge, named Shamgar, killed 600 Philistines with nothing but an ox goad (prod) – Shamgar’s name most closely means destroyer, and a better fitting name one cannot find for him

Deborah was the only female judge and was arguably the most successful of them – After freeing the Israelites from the Canaanites, Israel enjoyed 40 years of peace

The book of Judges is traditionally said to have been written by the Prophet Samuel.

The tribe of Benjamin was once nearly wiped out by the other tribes – At one point, there were only 600 men remaining out of the whole tribe!

The Prophet Micah was introduced in Judges as the man of mount Ephraim – Micah’s name means “One who is like Yahweh”