Interesting Facts about Levi the Apostle

Apostles, Levi, Matthew, Bible is one of the most interesting disciples because he was a tax collector before he was called to follow Jesus. Tax collectors were almost universally despised. They were particularly reviled within the Jewish culture because they believed that money and offering should be given to no one except God. Tax collectors were also known to cheat people out of their money and force them into loans with impossibly high interest rates. Jesus redeemed Matthew of these shortcomings and he became the first disciple to write an account of the teachings of Jesus. He also was martyred for his faith in Ethiopia. His symbol in the Catholic Church is three money bags to help believers remember of Matthew’s humble beginnings as a tax collector.

Name: Matthew

Family: Alpheus (Father), James the Younger (possible brother), Jude, (possible brother)

  • It is not mentioned explicitly that James and Jude are his brothers, though it seems likely because their fathers share the same name

Nicknames: Levi

  • It was common during this time for men in the Middle East to have two names, it is also speculated that this name was given to him by Jesus


  • Hated by many because of his profession
  • Greedy (Pre-Christ)
  • Dishonest (Pre-Christ)
  • Not much else is known about Matthew
  • Faithful
  • Honorable

Life before Christ:

  • Lived in Capernaum
  • Worked as a tax collector


  • Wrote the Gospel of Matthew
  • Completely turned his life around because of Jesus
  • Was the first to provide a written account of the teachings of Jesus
  • Laid down his life for Jesus
  • Because a martyr


  • Was stabbed in the back after criticizing an immoral king in Ethiopia