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Introduction to Abraham

Abraham, originally named Abram, is the perfect example of faith and trust in God. He was living a prosperous life when God called him away to a foreign, far-flung land. He did not even know where he was going, but he trusted God to lead the way. God promised that Abraham would be the father of nations. Unfortunately, Abraham became impatient with God’s promise and had a child out of wedlock with a woman named Hagar. Their son, Ishmael, would go on to father the Muslim people. Abraham finally had a son, named Isaac, with his wife Sarah. Abraham faith was tested once when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac on top of a mountain. Abraham began to obey, as he always did, but was stopped by God. Abraham’s line begat many nations and because of his faith, thousands of years later, Jesus was born from his descendants.

Introduction to AbrahamName: Abraham

Family: Sarah (Wife), Isaac (Son)

Nicknames: Abram, Father of the Jews

  • Was the original name of Abraham, before God renamed him
  • His lineage gave birth to the Israelites


  • Courageous
  • Loving
  • Obedient
  • Faithful
  • Friend of God

Accomplishments/Major Events:

  • His lineage was the one Jesus was born from
  • His lineage begat the entire Israelite nation
  • Obeyed God when God told him to move from his comfortable home to somewhere unknown hundreds of miles away
  • Abraham did not even know where is was going, he just trusted God to lead him there
  • God allowed Abraham and Sarah to have a child despite being very old
  • God gave Abraham a choice to choose between his son Isaac and God and Abraham chose God, God spared his son because of this


  • Abraham died of old age when he was 175 years old


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