Introduction to Jezebel

Jezebel is a named almost universally abhorred. It is associated with many evil things like idolatry, prostitution, and other reprehensible activities. Jezebel was born the daughter of King Ethball of Phoenicia. From a young age, she received the best education. Due to her status as a princess in a pagan country, her early life was very lavish and luxurious. She grew up worshipping many gods, the chief among them being the nature god Baal. She was married to the then Prince Ahab to help cement a political alliance between Israel and Phoenicia. Jezebel brought her heretical religion with her to Israel. Many people took to worshipping Baal, including Ahab. However, she was also vindictive and cruel, earning her little love with the people of Israel. Jezebel hated the worship of God and ordered the death of several of His prophets, earning her more ire and dislike. She proliferated the worship of Baal to the point of brining 450 of his prophets to Israel, along with 400 other prophets of Asherah, to challenge God.

Profile of Jezebel

The prophet Elijah was subjected to a religious duel, in which the aim was to prove whose God was more powerful. Obviously, God gave Elijah the ability to prevail and issued a prophecy that famine would sweep across the land ruled by Jezebel, which came true. Jezebel did not repent of her wicked ways, however. Ahab greatly desired the land of a man named Naboth. He offered compensation in exchange for the land, but Naboth did not want to give it up because it was his family’s ancestral land. This was his right to refuse the king according to Jewish law. Jezebel was furious at Naboth and falsely accused him of treason and blasphemy. She condemned him to death by stoning and took his land for Ahab. Elijah arrived and rebuked Ahab and Jezebel for their wrongdoings. He told them that Ahab and his heirs would be slain and that Jezebel would be eaten by dogs. Both of these things came to pass at the hands of a man named Jehu. Jezebel was thrown out of a window by her servants on the orders of Jehu and was trampled and eaten by dogs.

Name: Jezebel

Family: Ahab (Husband), King Ethball of Phoenicia (Father)

Nicknames: Jezebel

  • Name has been used to describe devious, reprehensible women for thousands of years
  • Her name is almost synonymous with evil, idolaters, and prostitutes


  • Greedy
  • Cunning
  • Evil
  • Arrogant
  • Idolatrous
  • Decadent

Accomplishments/Major Events:

  • Was born to an affluent family
  • Was born in Lebanon (then called Phoenicia)
  • Jezebel was likely trained and taught by the best tutors money could get
  • Grew up worshipping many Gods, main one being nature god Baal
  • Married King Ahab of Israel to cement alliance between two respective nations
  • Brought worship of Baal to Israel
  • Influence King Ahab to worship Baal as well
  • Slaughtered prophets of God
  • Pitted 450 prophets of Baal against Elijah to see whose God was more powerful, her prophets lost to God and Elijah
  • Killed a man named Naboth because Ahab wanted his land and Naboth would not give it to him
  • Was likely going to attempt to seduce the man who murdered her


  • Jezebel was cast out of a window on the orders of a man named Jehu where she was trampled and eaten by dogs