Phillip the Apostle

Philip was, for all accounts, an utterly average man. He was methodical in his work, but often failed to grasp the deeper meanings of Jesus’ teachings. He would often interrupt Jesus when He was teaching to clarify something for him, or to show him what He meant. Jesus would always answer him, for He knew Philip was being faithful in the only way he knew how.

Philip was put in charge of the provisions for the disciples and was very good at his job. There were only a few instances throughout Jesus’ ministry that there was not enough for all the disciples to be content. Philip was a great inspiration to the people Jesus preached to, as he was for all accounts just like them. It was comforting for them to see that a man like them was extremely close to Jesus. Philip was the first disciple to go out and preach to the Gentiles and found much success with the Samaritans. Philip died a martyr for his faith.

He was scourged, thrown into prison, and crucified. Philip’s symbol in the Catholic church is a basket for the part he played in feeding the five thousand. Philip is also known for stressing the cross as a symbol for Christianity and Jesus’ victory over sin and death.

Name: Philip

Family: Wife (Name unknown), Leah (Daughter)

Nicknames: the Curious

  • Philip earned this name because he always asked of Jesus to be shown what He was talking about, this was in part due to his utter lack of an imagination


  • Methodical
  • Unimaginative
  • Curious
  • Trustworthy
  • Incredibly faithful
  • Tenacious

Life before Christ:

  • Lived in Bethsaida
  • Was likely a fisherman
  • Was recently married when he was called to follow Jesus


  • Was the fifth apostle to be chosen
  • Was the disciple charged with making sure there was food for Jesus and the disciples
  • He led the Ethiopian eunuch to Christ
  • He led a successful conversion campaign in Samaria
  • Immediately answered Jesus’ call when he was told by Him, “Follow Me.”
  • Was the first to go out and spread the Gospel to the Gentiles
  • Died a martyr for Jesus


  • Was scourged, thrown into prison, and crucified for his faith