Facts About the Apostle Simon the Zealot

Simon the Zealot is one of the greatest cases of the changing power of Christ. He was a Zealot for much of his life, which meant he was extremely legalistic and held a deep-set hatred towards the Romans and any who had dealings with them. Simon was called by Jesus and was completely changed.

Facts About the Apostle Simon the Zealot

Jesus’ power removed the seeded hatred from his heart and instilled compassion, love, and zeal for Christ within him. Simon retained the moniker “the Zealot” because of his unwavering faith in Jesus, rather than for his formerly hateful ways. There is not much else told about Simon within the Bible. It is most commonly assumed that he was crucified as a martyr for God. His symbol in the Catholic church is a fish resting on a Bible. This is to represent his initial beginnings as a fisherman who grew to become a fisher of men through the saving grace of Jesus.

Name: Simon

Family: Unknown

Nicknames: the Zealot

  • Zealots were an extreme faction of Israel who hated the Romans with extreme prejudice


  • Intense (Initially)
  • Violent (Initially)
  • Nationalistic (Initially)
  • Reckless (Initially)
  • Man of Faith (Later)
  • Loving (Later)
  • Compassionate (Later)
  • At peace (Later)

Life before Christ:

  • Little is known about him
  • Was a fisherman
  • Was a member of the Zealot faction of Israel


  • Was a fanatic Nationalist
  • Was initially near mad with hatred for the Romans
  • Was completely changed spiritually be Jesus
  • Became one of the most compassionate and loving of the disciples, showing great affection towards Matthew, whom he would have hated before Christ for “collaborating” with the Romans as a tax collector
  • Was martyred in Christ’s name


  • Was crucified in England for spreading the Gospel