Facts About the Apostle Paul

Paul, originally named Saul, is one of the strongest examples of the healing power of Christ in the Bible. When…

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Facts About Thomas the Apostle

Thomas Didymus is one of the lesser known disciples. There is one major event in the Bible that he is…

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Facts About the Apostle Judas Iscariot

Judas was the only Judean among the Galilean disciples. From the beginning, he was outspoken about his nationalistic beliefs. He…

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Facts About James the Younger

James the Younger, or James the Lesser (Less) was one of the later disciples called by Jesus. He lived in…

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Facts About Bartholomew the Apostle (Nathanael)

Bartholomew Nathanael was quite possibly the only disciple that was of royal blood. He was related to Talmai, or Tolmai,…

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Facts About Andrew the Apostle

Andrew was likely the younger brother of Peter. He was always in Peter’s shadow, but never grew bitter or despondent.…

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