The World’s Most Beautiful Churches

St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, Italy

Christian churches hold a special place in the realm of architecture. In addition to being places of worship, the most beautiful churches in the world also house priceless works of art, sculptures, mosaics, and paintings. Aside from that, they are also symbols of the cities they occupy, defining the skyline and hiding … Read more

Unusual Churches Around the World

Unusual Churches around the World

Austria, Vienna: Donau City Church The Donau City Church, which is formally known by “Christus, Hoffnung der Weit” (or  “Christ, Hope of the World”), is located in Vienna’s 22nd district. A Roman Catholic church, this church design was created by Heinz Tesar. Located near the Vienna International Centre, this church has been … Read more

The Oldest Historical Churches

The Oldest Historical Churches

The grandeur and/or peerless historical value of most old churches will captivate every person who has a penchant for antique, imposing architecture and their amazing history. Whether you are religious or not, and whether you are visiting churches as part of a pilgrimage or just for sightseeing, your journey will be worth … Read more