Top Billboard Christian Songs of the 2000s

The Billboard Christian Songs chart was launched in 2003. From its early years until 2013, this chart used to rank songs based on airplay of Christian songs played on radio stations with a Christian contemporary music format. However, in 2013 the Christian Songs chart started to follow the same ranking procedure as the Billboard Hot 100. Since then the Christian Songs chart has based its ranking on a combination of factors: airplay of Christian tracks on all radio station formats and digital sales as well as streaming.

Most Christian adult contemporary music radio stations tend to play hits repeatedly. That’s why many of the Christian music singles have stayed at the top position of the Billboard Christian Songs chart for quite a long time. Some of these songs have even made a return to the top of the chart and enjoying a few more weeks there — a familiar scenario on the¬†Billboard Christian Songs chart.

Here are the top Christian songs of the 2000’s decade:

ou Are So Good to Me

“You Are So Good to Me” is a song performed by the Christian rock group Third Day. It became the first number one single on the first day of the Billboard Christian Songs chart’s launch (June 21, 2003). The song went on to enjoy its top of the chart position there for seven more weeks.

Word of God Speak

“Word of God Speak” is a song by the Christian rock group MercyMe, released in September 2003. The song enjoyed the most weeks on the Billboard Christian Songs chart: 26 weeks, including a record 23 weeks when the song was at the #1 position.¬†It also made a couple more returns to the top of the chart.

You Are My King (Amazing Love)

The song is recorded by the Christian pop rock band NewsBoys, initially off their album Adoration: The Worship Album in 2003. It went to #1 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart in that year, and #9 on the same chart at the end of the decade.

Sing a Song

Another hit song by the group Third Day, “Sing a Song” was released in 2004 when it eventually went to #1 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart. The song is from their album Offerings II: All I Have to Give.


“More” is a song written and performed by Matthew West, a contemporary Christian musician. Released at the end of 2003, it went to #1 on March 27, 2004, and remained in that position for six straight weeks. It was the single off West’s debut album Happy.

Glory Defined

“Glory Defined” is a single recorded and released by the Christian rock band Building 429, from their album Space in Between Us in 2004. It reached #1 by May 8 of that year and remained there for four weeks.

Who Am I

Christian rock band Casting Crowns released their single “Who Am I” on February 22, 2004, from their eponymous debut album. The following June it topped the Billboard Christian Songs chart and remained there for a total of six weeks.

Walk By Faith

“Walk by Faith” is a song by Christian rock/contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp. He wrote this song while he and his first wife Melissa were spending their honeymoon (but Melissa eventually died from ovarian cancer when she was just 21 years old). It is Camp’s second single to be made into a music video. “Walk By Faith” reached #1 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart in October 2004 and stayed there for a couple of weeks.

Here with Me

MercyMe had another hit Christian song with “Here with Me.” The lead single from their album Undone, “Here with Me” initially made to #1 in July 2004, spending time at that position for eleven weeks. It returned to the #1 spot again the following October, staying there for a total of two additional weeks.

Beautiful One

By the Tree, a contemporary Christian rock band from Texas released a single called “Beautiful One” in 2004. The song was penned by the British minister, worship leader and singer/songwriter Tim Hughes. “Beautiful One” became a Billboard Christian Songs chart-topper on October 30, 2004, and spent four weeks at that position.

Voice of Truth

Casting Crowns had another chart-topping contemporary Christian music hit with “Voice of Truth” from their self-titled debut album in 2003. On November 27, 2004, the song went to #1 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart and enjoyed its stay there for fourteen weeks.

Take You Back

Another #1 smash hit for Jeremy Camp, “Take You Back” is the single off his third album Restored. It topped the Billboard Christian Songs chart on March 5, 2005, and enjoyed a run there for 15 weeks.


“Hide” is the song performed by the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Joy Williams. A lead single from her third album Genesis, the single is widely available in digital format. It reached number one on the Billboard Christian Songs chart on June 18, 2005, spending a total of seven weeks there.


“Brave” is a song performed by contemporary Christian singer-songwriter and musician Nichole Nordeman. The single is also the title track of her critically-acclaimed album in 2005. “Brave,” the single that is, went to #1 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart on August 6, 2005.

In the Blink of an Eye

MercyMe had another hit in 2005 with “In the Blink of an Eye,” the third and last single from their album Undone (2004). It reached the top of the Billboard Christian Songs chart on August 13, 2005, staying there for five weeks.


Another hit song by the Christian contemporary/rock group Casting Crowns, it is the lead single and title track of their 2005 studio album. It made it to #1 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart where it stayed for a total of nine weeks.