22 Devotionals for Men

Spending time with God is an integral part of the Christian life. While it is sufficient to simply read the Bible and pray, it is often helpful to have a devotional to guide one through a study time. Devotionals can also key in on certain topics to assist in spiritual growth. Devotionals can include small or large portions of Scripture, personal anecdotes about how the author handled specific situations, or journaling space with questions to answer. Regardless, devotion time is a very personal time, and having a devotional book can help to keep a man focused on the task at hand.

Some of these are written by famous authors or preachers, while others are compiled by laymen. Either way, they include wisdom and ideas to move study to a further depth.

Where to Buy
Stand Strong: 365 Devotions for Men by Men
20 Questions
Daily Wisdom for Men 2019 Devotional Collection
The One Year Daily Moments of Strength: Inspiration for Men
New Morning Mercies
The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge
3-Minute Devotions for Men
365 Encouraging Verses of the Bible for Men
My Daily Bread
15 Minutes Alone with God for Men
Men of the Bible Devotional
Hope for Each Day Morning and Evening Devotions


1. Stand Strong: 365 Devotions for Men by Men

A compilation from Our Daily Bread Ministries, this devotional is designed to show men how they can stand strong in God’s power through any pressure and storms that arise in this life. 365 devotions are estimated to take about five minutes to go through, making it easy to fit it into even the busiest day.

2. 20 Questions: A Self-Reflection Journal for Jesus-Followers That Will Make You Think

This guided journal is intended to assist Christians to life like Jesus. Its journaling space promotes remembering what is learned through writing and the ability to go back and reference earlier lessons. Additionally, instead of telling the reader what to think, this journal encourages the reader to learn for himself and draw closer to God through it. The profits from this book are donated to a charitable cause.

3. Daily Wisdom for Men 2019 Devotional Collection

Develop a deeper connection with the heavenly Father through this collection designed to challenge men to trust God wholly. 365 days of inspiration, challenge, and wisdom fill the pages of this book.

4. The One Year Daily Moments of Strength: Inspiration for Men

Take a year to find new strength in God’s word. Each day offers Scripture, explanations, and applications to encourage a deeper connection with God.

5. New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

This best-selling devotional offers 365 devotions centered on the Gospel. Author Paul David Tripp does not try to modify your behavior or make you feel good; his encouragement through the Gospel message leads to encounter the living God.

6. The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge

Strengthen your faith and move into an uncommon life through this year’s worth of reflections and challenges from Tony Dungy, the former head coach. Make a daily habit of integrity, honor, and walking with the Lord.

7. 3-Minute Devotions for Men: 180 Encouraging Readings

Each devotional in this book is divided into three parts, each expected to take about a minute. It starts with a Scripture on which to meditate, followed by a short devotion to read, and ending with a sample prayer to get you started in a conversation with God.

8. 365 Encouraging Verses of the Bible for Men: A Daily Devotional

365 passages of Scripture – one for each day of the year – offer a new perspective for a better understanding of God, heaven, love, wisdom, and so much more. This compilation covers verses from the first verse in Genesis to the last verse in Revelation. 

9. My Daily Bread

This devotional by Father Anthony Paone is written as though it were a dialogue with Christ. It fosters a relationship with Jesus, right living, and prayer as a first remedy for temptation, among other things.

10. 15 Minutes Alone with God for Men

This devotional offers encouragement, refreshment, and renewal. Every day offers a portion of Scripture, focusing on a key verse, and a deep but simple devotion. Grow closer to God and be more spiritually effective with just 15 minutes a day.

11. Men of the Bible Devotional: Insights from the Warriors, Wimps, and Wise Guys

The lives of spiritual men – their successes and failures – can teach much. This book has 180 devotions based on about 150 of the Bible’s men, both named and unnamed. These men’s stories were recorded to teach and studying them can be beneficial and life-changing.

12. Hope for Each Day Morning and Evening Devotions

Billy Graham has reached millions with the Gospel, and this devotional contains wisdom and truth from his writings. Enter into God’s presence morning and evening with the aid of this daily devotional.


Where to Buy
An Anchor for the Soul – Devotional
God is With You Every Day
Jesus, Our Perfect Hope
A Look at Life from a Deer Stand Devotional
God’s Country
5-Minute Bible Workouts for Men
The Duck Commander Devotional
The Bible in 366 Days for Men of Faith
One God, One Plan, One Life
A Little God Time for Couples



13. An Anchor for the Soul – Devotional

This debossed luxleatherbound devotional with gold foil accents and an attached ribbon bookmark contains 365 devotions for contemplation and discovery, leading to the Source of life, rest, and safety. Focus on the Light, stand strong, and be anchored in Christ.

14. God is With You Every Day

It is always easier to face things when you are not alone. This devotional by Max Lucado reminds you that God is always with you and you do not need to face anything alone. Arranged weekly, Lucado offers prayer and Scripture to start the week with daily devotions and Scripture to reflect. Whether you are facing difficulties like loneliness, grief, or change, this book offers encouragement, comfort, and grace.

15. Jesus, Our Perfect Hope: 365 Devotions

Hope is such an important part of life. The only source of hope that never fails is Jesus. Pastor and author Dr. Charles Stanley leads you to Jesus so you can experience the joy and peace that resting in Christ will bring.

16. A Look at Life from a Deer Stand Devotional

Avid hunter and author Steve Chapman put together this devotional of faith lessons from creation. He opens each devotion with Scripture and ends with prayer. His hunting-based wisdom and humor are sure to delight and encourage.

17. God’s Country: A Devotional for the Outdoorsman

Creation is beautiful, captivating, and breathtaking. Thomas E. Naumann, an outfitter and hunting guide, draws upon his outdoor adventures to inspire you through your life’s journey.

18. 5-Minute Bible Workouts for Men

These brief meditations are packed with encouragement and guidance for men in handling stresses and pressures of life. The strength and wisdom of the Scriptures grace every lesson, and prayers to connect with God are also included.

19. The Duck Commander Devotional

The Robertson clan is well known for wisdom and wit, and fans of the show Duck Dynasty will find this devotional delightful and motivating to inspire you in your journey of faith.

20. The Bible in 366 Days for Men of Faith

Every four years we have a leap year; you can be prepared to go through the Bible every day of even a leap year with this 366-day devotional book. With Scripture taken from the New Living Translation, each day has a passage and a short devotional written by Angus Buchan.

21. One God, One Plan, One Life: A 365 Devotional

This devotional by Max Lucado is intended for teens, to guide them through the minefields of teen growth and development while drawing them into a deeper relationship with God.

22. A Little God Time for Couples: 365 Daily Devotions

When a couple gets closer to God, they necessarily draw closer to each other, as well. This devotional for couples helps to maintain a healthy marriage and intentional engagement with each other and with God.