Christian Culture

Famous Religious Icons

The Ladder of Divine Ascent resides in Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai. The original was based on a treatise by…

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Great Christian Movies Since 2000

There have been many great Christian movies made since the beginning of motion pictures on film, around 1896. Since 2000,…

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Biblical Feasts and Holidays

When thinking of holidays, one generally thinks of modern days when people have the day off from work or school;…

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Fasting: Purpose and Practice

Fasting is a spiritual doctrine that is setting aside something physical and replacing it with something spiritual. Nearly every religion…

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The History of Clerical Clothing

Clerical clothing is a term used to refer to clothes worn by clergy when not presiding over liturgy; the non-ceremonial…

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Prayer Beads in Christianity

Who uses prayer beads? Most people, when they think of prayer beads, immediately think of rosary beads. While these may…

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Unusual Churches Around the World

Austria, Vienna: Donau City Church The Donau City Church, which is formally known by “Christus, Hoffnung der Weit” (or  “Christ,…

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The Second Great Awakening

The Second Great Awakening occurred well after America had freed itself from the constraints of British rule.  From the 1790s…

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The Differing Theories of End of Times Prophecy

Eschatology is a term that deals with the end of history of the world from a Christian perspective. The Bible…

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The Best Christian Apologetics Websites And Resources

Looking for great resources to prove the existence of Christianity and defend your faith?  Check this list out for some…

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Top Christian Apps

Technology has the potential to seize control of our lives. Mobile devices and surfing the internet have made a huge…

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50 Classic Christian Movies

Check out this great list of 50 classic Christian movies. Based on the novel Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and…

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Top Christian Vacation Destinations

Whether you’re looking for a step back in history, just looking for sightseeing pleasure, needing to find spiritual enrichment or all of…

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The Oldest Historical Churches

The grandeur and/or peerless historical value of most old churches will captivate every person who has a penchant for antique,…

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