Christian Trivia Books & Games


Christian Trivia Books & Games

One way to learn more about a subject is to read a book or play a game. Games often reinforce knowledge best because it is fun. There are a variety of Bible-based trivia games and books of Bible trivia questions available to be used in a family or church setting. Some are simple enough for young children, and some are advanced enough that even scholarly adults may be challenged.


1. The Awesome Book of Bible Trivia

1700 riddles, puns, brainteasers, and trivia questions will provide hours of fun and learning for all ages.

2. Bible Brain Quest for Kids

Encourage Bible learning with a friendly competition in the family with these fun questions and answers about the Bible – both the Old and New Testaments. Over 500 questions are waiting to be answered (and the answers are included, as well).

3. Bible Trivia Games

A fun and easy way to learn more about the Bible, this Bible trivia games book has 1000 questions and answers from Creation to Revelation. Challenge yourself or a group with this great Christian Bible game book.

4. Bible Trivia for Seniors

“If you do not use it, you lose it” applies to many skills and things and this is especially true as people get older. Keeping the brain active and keeping the memory of Bible knowledge familiar is easy and fun when using this trivia question book, in which the questions are divided into 21 categories. Learn new things and reinforce the things already known!

5. Brain Games Trivia

This spiral-bound book contains more than 250 questions about events, places, and characters in the Bible. The questions are organized into categories and formatted as multiple choice or true/false. The answers for each set of questions are on the following page.

6. The Complete Book of Bible Trivia

Over 4,500 questions are divided into 14 categories, including Crimes and Punishments, Matters of Life and Death, Military Matters, and Things to Eat and Drink. Each set of questions are answered on the following page.

7. The Everything Kids Bible Trivia Book

Many popular stories are the themes of the questions and puzzles in this book. Some less common topics may offer a bit of a challenge. Great for families or Sunday School.

8. More Ultimate Bible Trivia

This trivia book is a little different from most. It was created by a Puzzle Master according to Guinness World Records and contains thousands of questions and additional word challenges, Bible crosswords, and facts.

9. 999 Super Fun, Head-Scratching, Brain-Boosting Bible Trivia Questions for Kids

Almost a thousand fun questions about all parts of the Bible were edited by kids to ensure that the contents are things kids will enjoy.

10. The Official Bible Brilliant Trivia Book

This comprehensive trivia book contains common and obscure questions along with a self-scoring system so the book can be used as a personal study system or in a group setting.

11. 1001 Bible Trivia Questions

Start with easy questions and work your way up to the hardest ones that are just before the answer section at the back of the book. Challenge each other to see who can answer the most questions correctly and increase Bible knowledge!

12. The One Year Book of Bible Trivia for Kids

365 trivia questions can be study starters if used one per day for a year, or can be used as a fun quiz to learn more and test Bible knowledge. Geared for children, adults may also find there are things they had not yet learned while answering these questions.

13. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians (Kindle)

This study guide has a lot of book of Philippians trivia, including quizzes after every chapter. This book is meant to aid in studying the Bible, starting with the book of Philippians.

14. Test Your Bible Knowledge

Over 1400 questions in a multiple-choice format are waiting to challenge, entertain, and inform. Find out what is known and learn more with this Bible knowledge book.

15. The Ultimate Bible Fact and Quiz Book

This sturdy hardcover book contains almost 400 pages of facts and quizzes – over 5,000 of them! So many topics are covered. Test your knowledge and learn more about the Bible!

16. Ultimate Bible Trivia

This collection of questions has thousands of miscellaneous questions (and answers) to challenge and teach, entertain, and learn! It is suitable for people of all ages.


1. Bible Challenge

This board game has two levels of difficulty: Bible Student and Bible Scholar. The quiz questions range from easy to challenging and it is set up to score automatically.

2. Bible Outburst

162 cards covering over 300 topics are contained in this box. Each one has a topic for players to come up with the top ten answers for. The game comes with the cards, a card reader, a timer, six pass chips, two dice, a score pad, and instructions.

3. Bible Times Quiz Challenge Cards

56 double-sided cards include questions and activities about Bible facts. These cards can be used anywhere – at home, in the car, at the park!

4. Bible Trivia

This trivia game is about subject matter that is not trivial. This family board game comes with the board, pawns, tokens, and question-and-answer cards.

5. The Book Game

This board game is a trivia game that has 4000 questions, 1000 of which are geared toward younger players.

6. So You Think You Know the Bible

Over 300 cards have over 500 Bible trivia questions in a variety of categories, along with some action cards. Meant for ages 10 and up, most people can enjoy this game and learning more about what the Bible says.

7. Wise Man Foolish Man Family Card Game

This fun and educational Christian game is geared to families. It teaches about character and proverbs, offering wisdom from the Bible. It teaches discernment using 52 durable playing cards, which can be stored in the included box. Instructions for how to play are also included.