23 Inspirational Romance Books

Romance books are fun to read. Nearly everyone craves some form of love, and watching others find love, work through struggles, and find redemption is an enjoyable way to spend time. Whether you prefer modern day or historical settings, these clean, inspirational novels are sure to fit the bill.

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Second Chances Book Series
Fire Creek
Mrs. Chartwell and the Cat Burglar
Texas Ranger Heroes
Summer of Deception
The Tough Warrior
The New Rulebook 1
Where There's Smoke
Sweet Billionaires


1. Winterheart

Penny has become desperate and finds herself destitute and needing to start anew. Her new life in Florida is uncertain, but the surprises keep coming.

2. Second Chances Book Series (6 books)

Six books about people whose first situations turned out less than ideal, but their second chance ended up being the best thing that could have happened.

3. Fire Creek

This suspenseful novel takes place in Fire Creek, Montana, where Kasey’s cousin apparently committed suicide. The more she looks, the less it seems like what happened. Danger abounds as Kasey tries to prove that there is more to the story.

4. Mrs. Chartwell and the Cat Burglar

Abigail Chartwell, librarian, enjoyed ancient maps and documents. Since her husband died, she has had no interest in experiencing the hurt of love again. Until the Cat Burglar literally dropped in, and everything changed.

5. Texas Ranger Heroes (2 book series)

In book one, the doctor is robbed and she chooses to fight back – which was not the best idea. However, the Texas Ranger comes to her rescue. When the assault turns out to be not random, the two discover there is more to the situation – and more to their relationship.
In book two, a lawyer tries to prove the innocence of her imprisoned brother. The Texas Ranger who helped to arrest her brother is investigating, but there is some strain between him and the lawyer, until she is forced to accept his protection.

6. After

Candace struggles with low self-esteem, extra weight, and a lost fiancé. JB was disillusioned with life, but worked hard and made … a lot of debt. The Cantwells are looking for what they need to do next, after returning home from the mission field. God steps in and these lives intersect and find beauty from ashes.

7. Summer of Deception

Rachel’s brother was a DEA agent until his death, but she is not sure she believes she was told the truth. She takes a job as a nanny in Charleston while searching for more information. Luke is widowed, wounded, and worried about handling his daughter and historic property. Each has secrets. Can their beginning relationship develop despite the deception?

8. The Tough Warrior: Navy SEAL Romance

Griff Quinn spends his life saving lives. Scarlett Lily is a famous actress. The two have history, but it is not one on which they desire to build. When her life is in danger, it becomes his responsibility to protect her.

9. The New Rulebook 1

This mystery novel follows Ruby as she discovers The New Rulebook and, after watching a woman die, finds herself framed for murder. She does not have much time to find the real culprit, and her best friend and police officer Robert is helping her, but she finds his newfound faith irritating.

10. Where There’s Smoke

Suspense fills this novel about Kate, the smoke jumper and Jed, who is the leader of the Jude County Smoke Jumpers. They face a raging wildfire, an arsonist, and a past that they thought they had left behind.

11. Sweet Billionaires

Money makes a lot of things easier, but love is not one of those things. Each of these six books stand alone, but have billionaire main characters.


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Now & Forever
The Mystery Healer of Smoky Mountain
Captivated Love
Crossing Borders
The Rose and The Thorn
Sons of Blackbird Mountain



1. Now & Forever

After a long separation, Asher and Julia are being reunited. Since they were married just before Asher deployed, the news that greets him is devastating. His resulting journey leads him to a new, unexpected love.


2. The Mystery Healer of Smoky Mountain

In the Great Smokey Mountains, in Eastern Tennessee, there is a healer who is hiding his identity. Mami was injured as a child, and lives at the foot of the mountain. When their paths cross, miracles happen.


3. Captivated Love

Elizabeth joined a group of pioneers to escape an undesirable future. Samuel was happy with his life as it was and uninterested in a relationship. When he was hurt during a rescue mission, she tended his wounds. Will they allow love to creep into their shuttered hearts?


4. Crossing Borders

Rayne finds her self alone and rich after her father’s death. Her relatives want her fortune. She promised her father she would marry a man who was suitable to carry on the business, but finds her heart taken by a man who may not quite match up to her father’s expectations.





5. The Rose and the Thorn

Trust is an important part of a relationship. These two are having trouble with trust, for their own reasons. Can a marriage of convenience become the real thing?

6. Sons of Blackbird Mountain

A story of family, sibling rivalry, friendship, and love set in the nineteenth century, Aven of Norway chooses to become a housekeeper for cousins of her late husband. One of the brothers is deaf and mute and can only speak with his hands.


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Along the Cane River
The Complete Protected By Love Series
Fire and Ash
Her Prodigal Cowboy
The Complete Diamond Lake Series
The Rancher’s Bride Arrangement


1. Along the Cane River: Books 1-5

This five-book series of historical fiction is set in Louisiana. The group of close friends face heartbreak and find love. They live among the Cane River Creole people and their traditions.

2. The Complete Protected by Love Series

This contemporary Christian romance series contains three books. The storylines in these books illustrate how things work for good when God is a part of the equation. A bit of suspense adds intrigue to these heartfelt inspirational romances.

3. Fire and Ash

Sadie is a fire investigator who is called to her hometown to investigate a fatal fire. This forces her to work through her own childhood fire experience. Quinn has a difficult loss in his past, as well. They are thrown together in solving the case, and learn about grief and God throughout the dangerous investigation.

4. Her Prodigal Cowboy

Set in 1869, two feuding brothers fight over one woman. Laura is forced to choose, but her choice was based on deception. How can this be resolved?

5. The Complete Diamond Lake Series (7 books)

This set of seven books is full of clean romances. Struggling marriages, unexpected children, and other problems that people actually deal with are dealt with in these stories that show God’s power to redeem and resolve problems.

6. The Rancher’s Bride Arrangement

This historical western romance is about a woman from the East who moved west for a new start, with hopes of finding love as a mail order bride, and the man who is being pressured to marry. Can they make it work?

This can be used as a reading list to work your way through, or choose one or two to add to your own library!