29 Bible Items for Your Garden

Gardens are not just for flowers and vegetables, though those are a good reason to have a garden and a good thing to have in a garden. Gardens are a good place for inspirational decorations. Someone once said that one is closer to God in a garden, so it makes sense to make the garden a place where God is the focus of the things one sees.

Flags & Yard Signs

Where to Buy
ALAZA Duble Sided Bible Verses Rose Love Truth Lord Polyester Garden Flag Banner
ALAZA Duble Sided The Love of God
Ahawoso Outdoor Garden Flags
Spring Peace Sign Flower Symbol Polyester Garden Flag Banner
ALAZA Duble Sided Bible Verse Work in Colossians Polyester House Garden Flag
ALAZA Double Sided Easter Cross on Sunrise Scene in Mountain Polyester Garden Flag Banner
Ahawoso Outdoor Garden Flags Feminine Quote Joy Lord My Strength
JNSHO-G Garden Flag
Briarwood Lane Be A Light Spring Garden Flag Inspirational Candles
Carson Pewterwork Lighthouse Chime
Carson Angels Arm 21 Glass Cylinder Chime
Carson in Memory 21 Glass Cylinder Chime
Let Freedom Ring
Carson 30 in. Sonnet John 3:16 Wind Chime



Flags and yard signs can be put anywhere in a garden, making them one of the more versatile decorations. Because they are usually above the plants, they are often visible from a further distance than other decorative pieces.

1. Proverbs 3:5-6

This double sided garden flag has flowers surrounding a colorful rendition of Proverbs 3:5-6, reminding viewers to trust God.

2. John 3:16

A double-sided garden flag with a tan light-in-the-clouds background, the text of John 3:16 is arranged in a cross shape.

3. Christian Words

The black background on this garden flag makes the red and white words stand out. The white words are in the shape of a cross and include words like “pardon,” “Christ,” and “love.” The red words represent the things that are covered, such as “fear,” “sin,” and “guilt.”

4. Joshua 24:15

Whimsical words on a blue background make this double-sided garden flag a fun addition to the garden.

5. Colossians 3:23-24

This double-sided garden flag has a woodgrain background behind the text of Colossians 3:23-24.

6. He is Risen

This beautiful resurrection-themed garden flag has the cross with a shroud positioned in front of a sunrise under the text “He is risen!”

7. Nehemiah 8:10

This floral garden flag states “The Joy of the Lord is my Strength.” This sweet reminder would be a beautiful addition to any yard or garden.

8. Micah 6:8

This weather resistant, double-sided garden flag has “do justly, love mercy, walk humbly” on a black background, surrounded by blue and green flowers.

9. Be a Light

This cute garden flag features three jars with lights in them, and the text “Be a Light for the World.” While the image is on both sides, the words are only forward on one side.

Figurines & Decorations

Where to Buy
Jesus Shepherd Statue
St. Francis
Carson Amazing Grace Birdhouse
Birdhouse – Amazing Grace
Angel Cat
Bless This Garden
Psalm 23 Flowerpot
Sweet Angel
Precious Moments Sleeping Angel
Planter Pick – Shelter
Planter Pick – Strength
Planter Pick – Blessings
Psalm 26:7 Yard Sign
John 14:6 Yard Sign


1. Jesus Shepherd Statue

This 15.5” tall gray resin statue portrays Jesus as a shepherd, holding a lamb with one by His feet.

2. St. Francis

A sculpted resin rendition of St. Francis has him holding a bird, with a fawn by his side. It stands 15” high.

3. Birdhouse – Amazing Grace

This 12” high birdhouse has “Amazing grace” and “how sweet the sound” printed on it, with a cross at the top. It is made of wood and tin.

4. Angel Cat

This resin angel cat figurine is holding a Bible. Cute as a general decoration, it can also be used as a tribute to the memory of a lost pet.

5. Fountain

This 43” tall water fountain is topped with a pair of doves. Add a touch of peace to your garden with the doves and the moving water in this fountain.

6. Bless This Garden

This resin figurine features an angel holding a flower kneeling next to a rock with a bird and flowers on it. Text on the rock says “Bless this garden.”

7. Psalm 23 Flowerpot

This resin flowerpot has an angel holding a heart standing next to it. The text of Psalm 23:1 is on the flowerpot and the reference is on the bottom of the angel’s skirt. It stands 4.75” tall, the perfect size for a miniature rose or another small flower.

8. Sweet Angel

This hand-painted resin angel is holding a dove and wearing a pretty flowered headband. The angel’s wings are finely detailed. The figurine stands 12.75” tall.

9. St. Anne

This 23.5” high crushed-stone-and-resin figurine is hand-cast and hand-finished.  It features St. Anne and young Mary.

10. Precious Moments Sleeping Angel

Precious Moments have been making cute little figurines for years, and this adorable little resin angel is a wonderful way to memorialize a lost loved on in your garden.

11. Planter Pick – Shelter

This hand painted 6” x 2” resin sign is affixed to a 9” black wire scroll pick and inscribed with the text, “God sends the storm to show he is the only shelter.”

12. Planter Pick – Blessings

This 6” x 2” hand painted resin sign, attached to a 9” black wire scroll pick, has a cross on it and the text, “May your blessings grow.”

13. Planter Pick – Strength

The text, “Where there are struggles, there is also strength” is surrounded by pink flowers on this 6” x 2” hand painted resin sign, which is affixed atop a 9” black wire scroll pick.

14. Psalm 26:7 Yard Sign

22” x 15” flexible vinyl is made to be weather resistant, and is printed on both sides, with sealed edges. It includes a metal frame for mounting in the ground.

15. John 14:6 Yard Sign

White text on a black background makes this yard sign quite striking and very readable. It is 22” x 15” and weather resistant. The double-sided sign comes with a metal frame for mounting.


1. Lighthouse

The lighthouse at the top of this set of windchimes is complemented by the token at the bottom, which is engraved with “Thy word is a light unto my path.”

2. Angels

The printed glass cylinder on top of these windchimes has a poem that talks about the loss of a loved one. This set would be a sweet tribute to a lost loved one.

3. In Memory

The green background of this glass cylinder windchime set has “in memory of a life so beautifully lived” surrounded by butterflies printed on it.

4. Let Freedom Ring

This 100% USA-made windchime set has metal powder-coated tubes in red, white, and blue hanging from a star with a medallion that has “LET FREEDOM RING” and the Liberty Bell on it, and below, a square token with a flag and eagle and the text “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17.”

5. John 3:16

This windchime has John 3:16 engraved on each of the chime tubes, and comes with an adjustable striker to allow the user to choose the preferred tone.

Whether your garden is somewhere you go daily or whether it is a part of your yard where you entertain friends, these decorations can encourage a peaceful spirit and closeness with the Creator.