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Adoniram Judson Gordon

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Adoniram Judson (“A. J.”) Gordon was born April 19, 1836, in New Hampton, NH, to John Calvin Gordon and Sally Robinson Gordon. He was the second oldest and had eight siblings. His father was a Baptist deacon. Gordon was named after the missionary to Burma, Adoniram Judson, who translated the Bible into the Burmese language.

When A. J. was 15, he committed himself to God and felt a call of God at age 20 to minister. That same year he attended Brown University and met the woman he would eventually marry, Maria Hale. After attending college, Gordon enrolled inseminary at the Newton Theological Institution.

He pastored at Jamaica Plain Baptist Church near Boston for six years, following graduation.He and Maria married during this time. He left that church to pastor the Clarendon Street Baptist Church in Boston.

Clarendon Street Baptist Church had a variety of issues. They hired opera singers and rented the pews, but the worst thing was that they did not welcome the lost. Gordon was heartbroken. He wrote many books during his 25 years pastoring that church, and his monthly publication took up his Monday mornings. His efforts resulted in a transformed church which became a very spiritual church with an unsurpassed mission program and an aggressive spiritual outreach.

Foreign missions were close to Gordon’s heart and he put much energy into it. He preached in many places, wrote much about it, and served God worldwide. He founded Gordon College in Boston, MA, in 1889 to train missionaries.

Along with writing sermons, lyrics, and articles, Gordon also wrote music. At least fifteen hymns are sung to music written by him, including “My Jesus, I Love Thee.” Nearly every hymn book published for evangelical churches from 1876 until present includes this song. Other tunes include “In tenderness He sought me,” “I shall see the King in His beauty,” “Saviour and Friend,” and “The night is fast passing.”

Gordon succumbed to influenza and bronchitis when he was 58 years old. The last word he spoke before leaving this mortal plane was “victory.”



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Adoniram Judson Gordon; A Biography with Letters and Illustrative Extracts Drawn from Unpublished or Uncollected Sermons and Addresses

Ecce Venit

Grace And Glory: Sermons For The Life That Now Is And That Which Is To Come

How Christ Came to Church: The Pastors Dream A Spiritual Autobiography

Journal of our journey

Rest In Christ

The Holy Spirit in Missions: Six Lectures


Adoniram Judson Gordon; A Biography

This biography includes letters and other material collected from sermons and addresses that were previously unpublished.

Ecce Venit (Behold, He Cometh)

Gordon examines the coming of Christ in a threefold manner, beginning with the prophecies, proceeding through the tribulation, and then looking at the fulfillment.

Grace and Glory: Sermons for the Life that Now Is and That Which is to Come

This collection of Gordon’s sermons was originally published in 1880.

How Christ Came to Church: The Pastor’s Dream

This book was written by Gordon about his spiritual journey at Clarendon Street Baptist Church. It was edited and published after his death.

Journal of our Journey

This book chronicles Maria and A. J. Gordon’s life.

Rest in Christ

Originally published in 1892, this book discusses the Christian’s life in Christ.

The Holy Spirit in Missions: Six Lectures

These lectures by Gordon talk about the Holy Spirit’s work in evangelizing the world.



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The Ministry of Healing, or Miracles of Cure in all Ages

The Ministry of the Spirit

The Service of Song for Baptist Churches

The Twofold Life: Or Christ's Work for Us and Christ's Work in Us (Classic Reprint)

The Coronation Hymnal: A Selection of Hymns and Songs (Classic Reprint)

The Vestry Hymn And Tune Book


The Ministry of Healing

While Gordon did not include healing in his services, he did believe strongly in the power of God to heal His people. He wrote this about the miracles God does in curing illnesses of Christians.

The Ministry of the Spirit

This series of studies examine the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Service of Song for Baptist Churches

This is a selection of hymns, doxologies, and chants. These were selected from a larger work, and this smaller selection contains about 1,200.

The Twofold Life: Or Christ’s Work for Us and Christ’s Work in Us

Gordon looks at the work Christ has done for Christians, and the way the body of Christ is expected to glorify Him.

Many of the lyrics and tunes written by A. J.Gordon can be found on the web site There are also two hymnals listed: The Coronation Hymnal and The Vestry Hymn and Tune Book.

The Coronation Hymnal

Songs collected by A. J. Gordon.

The Vestry Hymn and Tune Book

This is a reproduction of the original hymnal.

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