Christian Athlete: Orel Hershiser

Christian Athlete: Orel Hershiser

The fourth in a line of Orel Leonard Hershisers, this professional pitcher was born September 16, 1958. His parents lived in Buffalo, New York, at the time, but moved six years later to Detroit, Michigan, and again six years later to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He started playing baseball early and was able to achieve third place in a national competition for hitting, running, and throwing when he was only 8. He played Little League in the States before they moved to Canada.

He took a break from baseball in Canada, playing hockey instead. After his family moved to New Jersey, Orel rejoined baseball in his high school, playing on the varsity team in his junior year and setting a strikeout record of retiring 15 people at bat, which stayed the record for 21 years.  He received a partial scholarship to attend Bowling Green State University where he played baseball in his freshman year, but his grades were not good enough to be on the team in his sophomore year, so he headed home, hitchhiking. His parents encouraged him to go back and he worked at his father’s company and took summer school to improve his grades. He gained about 15 pounds that summer and this made his fastball about 5 mph faster, so he was able to play more often. In his junior year, he got into the all-Mid-American Conference All-Star team. He proceeded to pitch a no-hitter against Kent State.

Hershiser played for the Dodgers for just over ten years (1983-1994), then spent three years with the Cleveland Indians, followed by a year with the San Francisco Giants. He returned to the Dodgers for one year but was let go early, and then retired from baseball. He moved to consultant, broadcasting, and assistant work for baseball which continues.

Throughout his seventeen years as a baseball player, Orel Hershiser was also a committed Christian. He describes his conversion, “… deep inside I knew that everything I had become was a generous gift from God’s hand. Nine years before, I had slipped to my knees next to my bed at the Buckaroo Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, and committed my life to Him in simple faith.”

He displayed this faith in different ways. After the Dodgers won the National League Pennant, he dropped to his knees in thankful prayer. After winning the World Series, he looked to God in gratitude. He was known for singing a hymn to enhance his calm when things started to get stressful – usually the Doxology, which has the following lyrics:

Praise God from whom all blessings flow,
Praise Him, all creatures here below,
Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

He sang it in the locker room, he sang it in the dugout, and he even sang it on the Tonight Show when being interviewed by Johnny Carson.

One of the pivotal moments in Orel’s career was dubbed the “sermon on the mound” – when his coach lectured him about his carefulness and reticence in pitching, and nicknamed him “Bulldog” so when the opponents heard his name, they would see him as a tough guy. This changed his whole attitude. It is reminiscent of the story of Simon being nicknamed Peter by Christ, resulting in a whole new person and attitude.

Orel Hershiser now plays competitive poker and is available for motivational speaking engagements.

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