Magazines for Believers

There are hundreds of thousands of magazines out there, but only a few that are specifically created for Christians. For a believer who desires a regular publication to inspire or motivate to a better relationship with God, there are some options. Shore up your faith, encourage your spirit, and feed your soul with one or more of the magazines below.

Print Magazines

Where to Buy
Angels on Earth Print
Answers Print Magazine
Bible Expositor and Illuminator Print Magazine
Bible Study Magazine Print Magazine
Bible Today Print Magazine
Biblical Archaeology Review Print Magazine
Christianity Today Print Magazine
Creation - Australia Print Magazine
Direction Print Magazine
Guideposts Print Magazine
Mysterious Ways Print Magazine
Nature Friend Magazine Print Magazine
Touchstone : a Journal of Mere Christianity Print Magazine


1. Angels on Earth

A bi-monthly affirmation of faith, this magazine tells about how angels work in the everyday life of ordinary people. Mysterious, but hopeful, each story is sure to inspire.

2. Answers

This bi-monthly magazine is published by Answers in Genesis and contains science from a Biblical perspective. It is a good learning tool for adults and children, as it looks at established theories as well as new research.

3. Bible Expositor and Illuminator

This quarterly Bible Study guide offers in-depth lessons from Scripture. It can be used as a personal devotional, a Sunday School lesson guide, or Bible study guide for groups. The editors prefer the King James version of the Bible, and the content reflects that preference.

4. Bible Study Magazine

This bi-monthly magazine contains methods for Bible study and tools to improve your study time and efficiency. The insights come from respected historians, archaeologists, professors, and teachers of the Bible – including long-time pastors and scholars.

5. Bible Today

This every other month periodical is meant to teach the promotion, understanding, and appreciation for Scripture in both ministry and general life. It is written for the general public, rather than focusing on content for ministry professionals.

6. Biblical Archaeology Review

Enhance your knowledge of Biblical history with the six issues a year of this magazine. The Old and New Testament are both examined in the light of controversies, discoveries, photography, maps, and more.

7. Christianity Today

Christianity Today is a monthly magazine that covers the Church in today’s world with commentary, current events, and counsel regarding issues, choices, and challenges Christians face every day.  Contributors are leading Christians and theologians, who offer articles, interviews, essays, and more.

8. Creation

From Creation Ministries International, this quarterly is excellent for information that is easy to understand on how science confirms the Bible’s content. This full-color magazine is great for the whole family and gives the glory for creation to God and assists in answering those who disagree.

9. Direction

Direction is published by Urban Ministries, Inc. It is full of lesson plans to teach Scriptures, as well as backgrounds of both historical and geographical areas, text discussion, questions for further study, ideas for projects, and devotional readings for daily and weekly use.

10. Guideposts

This monthly missive contains inspirational stories in the first person from random people as well as celebrities. These stories are full of hope and courage and are sure to warm your heart.

11. Mysterious Ways

A magazine filled with true stories of miraculous things that happen in everyday life, Mysterious Ways will be delivered to your mailbox every other month. Readers will find stories about amazing healing experiences, surprising circumstances that lead to love, and the evident hand of God in ways unexpected.

12. Nature Friend

This monthly magazine is aimed at ages 5-12, with lots of kid-friendly information about nature from a Creationist perspective. The full-color nature photography appeals to everyone, and the children can enjoy step-by-step drawing instructions, games and puzzles, lessons from the Bible, and more.

13. Touchstone

Every other month, a new copy of Touchstone is released. It is an eclectic Christian journal covering topics from Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic divisions of Christendom. Various backgrounds can find shared beliefs in this magazine.

Kindle Magazines

Where to Buy
Believers Magazine Kindle Edition
Bible Alive Kindle Edition
JOY! Magazine Kindle Edition
Liberti Kindle Edition
Mornings With Jesus Kindle Edition
Simple Grace Kindle Edition
60 Days of Prayer Kindle Edition
Sorted Magazine
Truth Magazine Kindle Edition


1. Believer’s Magazine

Every month since 1891, the Believer’s Magazine has been offering exposition and application of Bible truths. The teaching is practical, apologetic, prophetic, and devotional. It includes missionary stories, Christian history articles, book reviews, and more.

2. Bible Alive

This monthly Catholic magazine contains reflections on Scripture daily as well as weekly Mass readings. Each month a different topic or issue is featured as it relates to faith in today’s world.

3. JOY! Magazine

This monthly magazine is for Christian families. It covers current affairs, Christian news, articles about families and marriage, devotions, and a lot more.

4. Liberti

This quarterly magazine offers Christian women encouragement, inspiration, and information to better equip them for a victorious life. It includes interviews of celebrities, stories of true life experiences, tech, sports, and entertainment.

5. Mornings With Jesus

A daily devotional that is delivered every other month, this publication will lead you through the words of Jesus, His lessons, His miracles, and how they relate to the challenges believers face.

6. Simple Grace

Digest-sized, this 144-page periodical doubles as a devotional. Meant for Christian women, this daily dose of doctrine offers hope, reflection, entertainment, and more.

7. 60 Days of Prayer

Every other month a new edition of this devotional magazine will offer new prayers, reflections, and Scriptures daily to encourage you in your quiet time and resources to aid you as you face the challenges of every day.

8. Sorted

This bi-monthly magazine for men is meant for men who have a moral compass that points toward good. True stories, interviews, sports, tech, action, and entertainment fill the pages.

9. Truth

Truth is a monthly conservative Christian magazine with a focus on Biblical principles. It covers moral and doctrinal topics from a non-denominational perspective, following only the Bible itself.

10. WORLD Magazine

This bi-weekly magazine may appeal to Christians who are mission-minded. Its Christian perspective on news including national, international, media, reviews, and commentary about current events, are written by columnists like Andrée Seu Peterson, Joel Belz, Marvin Olasky, and others.

These publications can be used to learn, challenge beliefs, get deeper into Scripture, and discover new ideas and understanding about God, the Bible, science, and so much more.