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10 Interesting Facts About Different Books of the Bible – Leviticus


Moses authored the Book of Leviticus from 1445 to 1444 BC. It is the third book of the Hebrew Bible as well as of the Christian Bible. It is basically a book of law which administers the offering of the sacrifices, the liturgical calendar, the priests’ duties as well as dietary, social, and sexual practices of the people of Israel. It also tackles the many issues pertaining to moral and ritual holiness.

The book is set in Mount Sinai during the time of the people’s wanderings in the wilderness. The purpose of this book is to provide laws and instructions to give guidance to the Israelites — who had long been held captive by the pagan Egyptians — in their relationship with the true and holy God. This book emphasizes the people’s need to be holy in their everyday living in response to Him.