10 Interesting Facts About Different Books of the Bible – Exodus

The Book of Exodus chronicles the time the Israelites entered Egypt to the moment they were delivered from Egypt’s cruelty. Originally, the Israelites, also known as Jews, encountered Egypt as guests of Joseph, who was quite an influential and powerful man there. The early chapters of this book depict the Israelites cruel slavery under Pharaoh, Moses’ rise as their deliverer, the “Plagues” with which God smites the Egyptians for their leader’s disobedience to Him, and their departure from Egypt.

The middle part of the book concerns the people wandering in the wilderness. Despite God’s provision of manna and water for them, the Ten Commandments which He himself writes on tablets of stone, among other things, the people are still not satisfied and thus continue to rebel against Him.

The last portion in the book depicts the building of the Ark of the Covenant and construction of the Tabernacle that was set up and taken down each time the Israelites moved.

After God sent the plague of blood onto Egypt, how long did it last? – The plague of blood lasted 7 days, can you imagine?! Having no water and only blood to drink for seven whole days. It’s a surprise anyone actually survived this plague

Bible Verse Ex 1:8-11

After the Israelites fled from Egypt, they were beset upon by many enemies, but who was the first of these enemies? – The Amalekites were the first to battle against the Israelites and warred with them in Rephidim. This battle was fought shortly after Moses struck a rock with his staff and provided the Israelites with water they desperately needed

In Exodus 15:22-25 Moses turns bitter water sweet – The place this occurred at was named Marah, which literally means bitter. Moses, through God, made the water sweet by casting a tree into the water.

The Israelites built two whole cities during their enslavement – These cities were named Pithom and Raamses. Many Israelites died because of the work, but despite this their numbers continued to grow, which further spurred Pharaoh’s fear of them.

Moses was laid in a boat made of bulrushes – In Exodus 2:3 Moses’ mother is shown making the ark out of bulrushes, slime, and pitch, putting Moses inside, and floating him down the river.

Jesus’ sacrifice is symbolized in the Passover – Just as the lamb’s blood protected the Israelites from the Angel of Death, so Jesus’ blood protected us from God’s wrath

During the plague of frogs, when did Pharaoh say he would let the Israelites go? – He said on the day after the frogs left he would let the Israelites go. Obviously, Pharaoh did not honor his word

The first real poetry in the Bible is shown in Exodus – Israel’s song is found in Exodus 15 after God frees them once and for all from Egyptian rule.

The Egyptians were the descendants of Ham