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Bible Arts and Crafts for Hanukkah

Bible Arts and Crafts for Hanukkah

Hanukkah (also sometimes spelled Chanukah) is also known as the Festival of Lights. It is a holiday commemorating a time when the Maccabees held a temple rededication ceremony and even though the lamps had only enough oil for one day, they still lasted eight days (long enough for new oil to be processed). This has become a beloved time of remembrance and is often celebrated instead of Christmas among Jewish and Messianic people.

Families that choose to celebrate Hanukkah can use hands-on arts, crafts, and activities to teach their children the story and the celebration. The crafts below all include symbols of the holiday, and some also include celebration aspects.

Create chunky candles using empty cardboard rolls. To make them smaller in girth, cut rolls in half lengthwise and reattach the cut side to make two. These can be decorated as desired and made into a menorah.

Beads can be used to create a keychain dreidel.

Use wooden craft sticks and glue to create a star of David.

Poke six holes, spaced evenly around the inner circle of a paper plate, then use yarn to string through the holes to create a star of David. This can be hung as a decoration.

Washi tape can be used to create a menorah and its candles on a sheet of thick paper or cardboard.

Double handprints (with the thumb overlapped) makes a fun menorah image for young children to decorate.

Create an edible dreidel by attaching a large marshmallow to a pretzel stick and adding a Hershey’s kiss to the end away from the pretzel. Dip the marshmallow into chocolate either before or after assembly, and use white icing to paint on the symbols.



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Izzy ‘n’ Dizzy Chanukah Sand Art Kit - Includes 6 Colored Sand Packs, 1 Poster - 7" x 6" - Hanukkah Arts and Crafts - Gifts and Games- 4 Pack

Izzy ‘n’ Dizzy Foam Chanukah House Kit - 4 Pack - Self Adhesive Peel and Stick Foam - Hanukkah Arts and Crafts and Games

Izzy ‘n’ Dizzy Chanukah Shrink Art Kit - Includes 5 Colored Pencils, 1 Poster - 7" x 6" - Hanukkah Arts and Crafts - Gifts and Games - 4 Pack

Izzy ‘n’ Dizzy Silly Dreidels - 4 Pack of 3 Dreidels Boards and Stickers - Hanukkah Arts and Crafts - Gifts and Games

Izzy ‘n’ Dizzy Hanukkah Assorted Art Kits - 13 Individually Wrapped Arts and Crafts Sets - Chanukah Arts and Crafts Assortment - Gifts and Games

Izzy ‘n’ Dizzy Chanukah Velvet Art Kit - Includes 5 Markers, 1 Velvet Poster - 7" x 6"- Hanukkah Arts and Crafts - Gifts and Games- 4 Pack

Fun Express Dreidel Magic Color Scratch Art - Craft Supplies - 24 Pieces

Sand Art Kit

This pack contains four individually wrapped kits, each of which includes six colors of sand and a picture card. Children can make Hanukkah-inspired designs on the card with the sand.

Foam Chanukah House Kit

The foam pieces in these kits allow children to decorate a house for the holiday. Foam decorations include a menorah and a dreidel, as well as children, snow, and the letters for “Happy Chanukah” to attach to the house background.

Shrink Art Kit

Each kit includes a poster and five colored pencils. Children color the poster and cut on the indicated lines, then bake. The resulting trinkets can be strung on a necklace or bracelet, if a hole is punched before shrinking.

Silly Dreidels Kit

Three dreidel backgrounds can be decorated with silly stickers to made amusing faces on them. They are a fun way to keep children occupied at a holiday party or other gathering.

Assorted Art Kits

Children are all different, and so are the art kits in this multipack. 13 different kits come together in this assortment, so each child can have a craft that appeals to him or her and all can learn something about Hanukkah in the process.

Velvet Art Kit

Each kit contains a velvet art sheet and five miniature markers with which to color it. Children can use their imaginations to fill in the spaces with colors or patterns to their own liking.

Dreidel Scratch Art

24 blue-coated paper dreidels come with 12 tools for scratching off the coating to reveal the bright colors underneath. Children can write the symbol from one side of the dreidel or their name or whatever decoration is preferred.



Where to Buy

Izzy 'n' Dizzy Hanukkah Canvas Painting Kit - Includes 1 Brush, 6 Acrylic Paints - 11.5 x 9.5 - Hanukah Arts and Crafts - Gifts and Games

Hanukkah Candle Making Kit - Includes 45 Beeswax Honeycomb Sheets, 45 Cotton Wicks, Instructions - Chanukah Arts and Crafts

Izzy ‘n’ Dizzy Hanukkah 3-D Fusion Beads Dreidel - 2 Pack - Create Your Own 3-D Dreidel - Hanukah Arts and Crafts - Gifts and Games

Izzy ‘n’ Dizzy Hanukkah Foil Art Kit - Includes 8" x 6" Board and Wood Stick - Chanukah Arts and Crafts - Gifts and Games

Izzy ‘n’ Dizzy Hanukkah Mosaic Art Kit - 4 Pack - Includes 8" x 6" Board and Foam Squares - Chanukah Arts and Crafts - Gifts and Games

Hanukkah 5 Pcs Set Wood Art Painting Kit for Kids- Includes Wooden Candles, Wooden Spinning top, Happy Chanukah Woodwork and Wooden menorahs- Best Gift for Kids This Holiday.

Canvas Painting Kit

Each kit contains a picture, a brush, six paints, 2 bags of sequins, and five bags of glitter to allow children to create a mixed media masterpiece with a Hanukkah theme.

Candle Making Kit

Since Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights, there can be no more appropriate craft than making candles. This kit includes beeswax sheets, wicks, and instructions to make 45 candles (enough for five children to have a full menorah).

Fuse Beads 3D Dreidel

Each pack has instructions and beads to make a usable 3D dreidel. These beads fuse with water rather than heat, making it a safe, simple activity for children.

Foil Art Kit

This kit includes a background and enough foil to make a beautiful picture of a menorah with “lit” candles. Four colors of foil brighten the 8” x 6” image.

Mosaic Art Kit

Each kit contains an 8” x 6” card and a variety of foam squares to attach mosaic-style to decorate a picture representing Hanukkah.

Wood Art Painting Kit

Five kits each have a different style. These wooden cutouts each represent a facet of Chanukah and are ready to be painted or decorated.

Hanukkah Ornament Kits

These adorable 3.75” ornaments feature animals along with menorahs and dreidels. 12 ornament backgrounds are ready to be decorated with foam stickers and hung from included satin cords. Instructions are included, if needed.

Foam Hanukkah Stickers

Create your own Hanukkah craft with over 300 foam stickers in shapes geared for the holiday. Shapes include candles, menorahs, dreidels, and more.

Chanukah Gingerbread House

Made Kosher, this kit includes everything needed to put together a Hanukkah House, including pre-baked gingerbread house walls and roof, icing, jewels of candy, chocolate gelt, plastic dreidels, and a tray to build it on.

Hanukkah Stencil

This stencil includes a variety of Hanukkah symbols which can be used to create designs on paper, or to etch glass. Etching is permanent and dishwasher safe. The stencil has a tacky back to aid in etching without the stencil slipping.

Chanukah Foam Mosaic Kit

This mosaic kit uses foam squares to create an entire picture of a dreidel or a menorah. The background has marked squares so children can easily fill in the pattern.

Hanukkah Cookie Decorating Kit

Children can decorate dreidel cookies with included red icing, or star cookies with included blue icing. Each kit comes with two cookies and the icing. Cookies are vanilla, kosher, and made in a facility free of peanut or tree nuts.

Play and Bake Stained Glass Kit

One dreidel and one menorah are included in this package. Each includes tiny plastic beads and a form. Fill the form with the beads and bake according to instructions for beautiful stained glass ornaments to hang in a bright window.

Sponge Shapes

Use these shaped sponges to create paintings to celebrate Hanukkah. Easy to dip and stamp, the shapes included in these sponges are candlestick, dreidel, kiddish cup, menorah, star of David, and Torah scroll.

Rubber Stamps

Use these sets to allow children to make their own creations. Each set of six includes four dreidels – one for each side – a star of David, and coins.

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