Bible Journaling Tools

Bible journaling is becoming a popular way to add color and creativity to Bible study time. Reinforcing concepts through journaling can be helpful for retaining what is read. Most Bibles listed as “journaling Bibles” have hundreds of pre-done line illustrations waiting for colors, but also blank areas for personal creativity. Tools for use in both of these scenarios are listed below.


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Dayspring Illustrated Faith
Deluxe Bible Journaling Kit
Foundations Bible Journaling Kit
Inspired Bible Journaling Supplies Kit
Inspired Stencils Bible Journaling Kit
Trace and Transfer Bible Journaling Kit


1. Bible Journaling Kit – Advent

This kit is meant for journaling the Advent (Christmas) season and includes three sticker sheets containing 136 card-stock stickers, 20 clear stickers, 39 die-cuts and a 36’ roll of washi tape decorated with numbers in a Christmas theme.

2. Deluxe Bible Journaling Kit

This set has everything needed to do some amazing Bible journaling. The archival ink is meant to be used with the wooden set of alphabet and number stamps. Ink blending tools, a tracing pack (graphite sheets and styluses), colored pencils, pens, and acrylic paints, and clear artist-quality primer are all packed together into a deluxe box with handle. These items are tested and will work well even on Bible page paper.

3. Foundations Bible Journaling Kit

This kit contains supplies to allow users to create beautiful pages. Included are a mechanical pencil, a fine point and a bullet point pen, a ruler, 15 colored pencils, 21 watercolors with two brushes, a Classic White Gelly Roll pen and Gelly Roll Stardust clear sparkle, as well as graphite paper and a tracing pad, all packaged carefully and archival quality.

4. Inspired Bible Journaling Supplies Kit

This nicely boxed set of supplies is great for anyone new to journaling. It can be given as a gift. Included in this kit are six 13’ rolls of decorative washi tape, 12 colored pencils, two micron pens in black, one white Gelly Roll pen, an eraser, a pad of tracing paper, and a plastic mat to protect pages behind. A free ebooklet is also included, along with over 30 traceable designs.

5. Inspired Stencils Bible Journaling Kit

4 different designs of stencils with Biblical themes join a palette knife, miniature distress ink set, and primer. The 6” x 9” stencils are a perfect size for using with journaling Bibles.

6. Trace and Transfer Bible Journaling Kit

This kit includes a line art transfer sheet, 10 tracing sheets which are reusable, 4 sheets of graphite paper and a tracing stylus, as well as a collectible lettering style. Two fine point micron pens (01 and 03) and a bullet point pen in black accompany the Gelly Roll Clear Sparkle pen and a .7mm mechanical pencil with an eraser. The 5” ruler will aid in aligning elements as desired.

Writing, Coloring, and Highlighting

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Dual Tip Brush Pens
Gelatos Pastels Set
Highlighting and Writing
Le Pen
Pigma Micron 01 (Fine) and 05 (Medium) Point Pens
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils
Wallet Pitt Pen Nibs Art Set


1. Dual Tip Brush Pens

12 pens contain 24 different colors, all with flexible brush tips for fancy work. These pens are perfect for all kinds of lettering, including calligraphy, journal lines and headers, and more. Vivid colors blend and complement each other.

2. Gelatos Pastels Set

15 water soluble pigment crayons include a variety of colors in a format that is very versatile but compact. These can be used to watercolor, stamp, stencil, layer, mix and combine.

3. Highlighting and Writing

This cute iStudy kit consists of an Apple-style hardshell case that carries three highlighters, a pen, and a mechanical pencil.

4. Le Pen

10 .3mm point pens in a variety of different colors are perfect for fine-point writing notes and drawing in your journaling Bible. Comes with two black, two blue, and six other colors.

5. Pigma Micron 01 (Fine) and 05 (Medium) Point Pens

Six of Sakura’s pens in a package, this Micron set includes one black 01 fine point pen and five colored 05 medium point pens (violet, pink, blue, green, and yellow). Pigmented ink is specially formulated to not bleed or smear or fade.

6. Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

36 colored pencils allow journaling studiers to include a riot of color in their creative enterprises. Soft and thick, the ultra-smooth colors are richly saturated. The cores are made to resist chipping and cracking.

7. Wallet Pitt Pen Nibs Art Set

8 pens with assorted tips ranging from ultrafine to brush and thick allow users to draw or write with options for calligraphy, detail, and more.

Stickers, Stencils, Tape, Etc.

Where to Buy
Bible Journaling Rub-Ons
Bible Journaling Stencil – Wildflowers
The The The Birds Stencil
Birds of a Feather
Stencil Butterflies
Time Travel
Fanciful Borders
Bible Journaling Washi Tape and Stickers Bundle
Edgy Washi Tape
Fruit of the Spirit Washi Tape
Hallelujah Washi Tape
Illustrated Faith You Rule Mat
Illustrated Faith Bible Mat - Be Bold
Tool Kit – Basics
Washi Tape – Creative Devotion
Washi Tape for Bible Journaling & Study


1. Bible Journaling Rub-Ons

4 sheets of rub-on transfers in black and white have text, designs, and Biblical themes like crosses. Easy to use transfers add dimension and design to your journaling efforts.

2. Bible Journaling Stencil – Wildflowers

Beautiful 6” x 6” stencil allows people to add wildflowers to their journaling regardless of their level of drawing skill. Other stencils available from the same manufacturer include:

Birds: The The The Birds Stencil
Birds in cages: Birds of a Feather
Butterflies: Butterflies
Clocks: Time Travel
Fanciful Borders: Fanciful Borders

3. Bible Journaling Washi Tape and Stickers Bundle

210 stickers and 16 rolls of assorted washi tape will add another dimension to Bible journaling endeavors. Stickers include both colorful shapes, words, and monochrome line drawings.

4. Edgy Washi Tape

Good for lining the edges of your designs, these 8 spools of washi tape contain words like “Trust in God” and “PRAY” along with designs like crosses, flowers, hearts, and more.

5. Fruit of the Spirit Washi Tape

30 feet of multi-colored washi tape with the words “Fruit of the Spirit” would be a fun way to add color to the journaling, especially in Galatians 5, but also in other sections that speak about love, joy, peace, and the others.

6. Hallelujah Washi Tape

8 spools of washi tape hold designs and phrases perfect for marking your Bible when journaling and Bible study.

7. Illustrated Faith You Rule Mat

This 7” x 8” right-side lines journaling mat includes ruler lines to help line things up. This mat goes behind the page to minimize colors bleeding onto other pages while coloring or illustrating.
Also available with the lines on the left: Illustrated Faith Bible Mat – Be Bold

8. Tool Kit – Basics

This kit includes an ink pad, an acrylic block, a tape runner and a Date It roller stamp, along with a mat with a guide to protect the page behind.

9. Washi Tape – Creative Devotion

8 5-yard rolls of washi tape include such motifs as anchors, crosses, and text such as “Blessed,” “I am thankful for…” and “Praise God” as well as some graphical and floral designs.

10. Washi Tape for Bible Journaling & Study

This two-pack of washi tape has 32-foot rolls. One is a vertical heart design, and the other has the words “key verse,” “notes,” “prayer,” and “application” to make columns for adding those items to the journaling area.

Once all the necessary items are acquired, a reader’s Bible study or quiet time can be enhanced by creating beautiful art pieces in the margins of his or her journaling Bible, or in a separate journal that records and embellishes the lessons learned from the Scripture read each day for devotions, as well as noting prayer requests or prayers in a beautiful, colorful manner.