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Facts About 2 Thessalonians

Facts About 2 ThessaloniansThe Second Epistle to the Thessalonians, or 2 Thessalonians, it is another Pauline Epistle written by the Apostle Paul, probably in 51-52 A.D. Some people in the church of Thessalonica believed that Jesus’ return had already happened, so they thought their work was done. Through this epistle, Paul sought to correct such misconceptions by the Thessalonians regarding  Jesus Christ’s return, which he first emphasized in the 1 Thessalonians.

2 Thessalonians is Paul’s second letter ever written

It is the shortest letter addressed to a specific church

After the praise of 1 Thessalonians, false doctrine had spread into the church of Thessalonica

2 Thessalonians was written to replace these false teachings with the truth of God

Once more, one of the main focuses is the 2nd coming of Jesus

Paul touches on the withdrawal of fellowship from those who are disorderly in 2 Thessalonians

Despite the false teachings pervading the church, Paul still boasts about the innate perseverance the Thessalonians possess

Paul goes so far as to say he always thanks God for the steadfastness of the Thessalonians

However, Paul warns those who do not follow God that they will be severely punished for forsaking Him

Paul reminds them that God is just and that they will know of this when Jesus shows himself with his hosts of angels on judgement day

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