Facts About Andrew the Apostle

Andrew was likely the younger brother of Peter. He was always in Peter’s shadow, but never grew bitter or despondent. Andrew was the first person to become one of Jesus’ disciples. Andrew was very missions focused, preaching to many different parts of the world. His efforts have caused the Catholic Church to adopt him as the patron Saint of Russia, Scythia, and Asia Minor. Andrew eventually was martyred for his faith. He was accosted by the Governor of a town named Patra in Greece. The Governor was angry because he had converted many citizens, including his wife and brother. The Governor had him crucified, but Andrew refused to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus, as he felt himself to unworthy to do so. Andrew’s symbols in the Catholic Church are an X-shaped cross and two crossed fish.

Name: Andrew

Family: Peter (Brother), Jonas (Father)

Nicknames: Home and Foreign Missionary, Protoklete

  • The first to receive this title
  • Protoklete mean “First Called”, Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus


  • Optimistic
  • Content
  • Humble
  • Compassionate
  • Faithful

Life before Christ:

  • Was born in Bethsaida
  • Was a fisherman
  • Brother to Peter
  • Was a follower of John the Baptist


  • Is the Patron Saint of Russia, Scotland, and Greece
  • Preached in Asia Minor, Scythia, and Greece
  • Died a martyr (crucifixion)
  • Was one of the closest disciples to Jesus
  • Was the first person to be called by Jesus


  • Was crucified on an X-shaped cross by request, considered himself unworthy to die in the same manner as Jesus