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The Book of Joel is one of the books of the Old Testament in the Bible. The book states that it was written by the prophet Joel, although nothing is said about himself except that he was the son of Pethuel. It was most likely written between 835 and 800 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

In this book a terrible locust plague invades throughout Judah and destroys every vegetation in the country. This is then followed by widespread famine. Joel symbolically refers to the locust plague and the subsequent famine as an urgent call for the people to repent to God for their sins. If they love and obey God again like they did before, God will do good things to them.

Joel also tells the people of a certain day that is coming — “The Day of the Lord.” On that day, a there is a pouring of divine wrath on God’s enemies and at the same time a pouring of divine blessing on His people.

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