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Ruth is one of the well-known Biblical figures, the woman who came from a humble background to a status of great wealth. The Book of Ruth in the Hebrew Bible has the elements of a love story, but it also teaches us about important genealogy as well as utter belief and faithfulness to God. Ruth is regarded well in Christian circles because she was the ancestor of Jesus through King David.

Ruth was not an Israelite. She was born in the land of Moab and thus originated from a pagan background. But after she came to know the God of Israel, Ruth became a living testimony to Him through faith.

Naomi’s husband, Elimelech, came from Bethlehem, in which their distant descendant, Jesus, would be born

The book of Ruth take place during the time of Judges

Bible Verse Ruth 1:22

Ruth said to Naomi that only death would part them after Naomi lost her whole family – This is one of the most beautiful passages within the Bible, as Ruth expresses her love for Naomi during a time when Naomi could not have felt more alone

Naomi, in her grief, changed her name to Mara, which means bitter, because of the travesties that she lived through – This shows us that not all humans are perfect, and each and everyone of us has our flaws

Ruth asked Boaz permission to glean in his fields, because she and Naomi had no way to support themselves otherwise

Boaz told Ruth that he was kind to her because he saw her kindness, faithfulness, and care towards Naomi – This goes to show that little acts can go a long way

Boaz had a very high opinion of Ruth and expresses this by calling her virtuous – Boaz was a good man himself

Naomi’s closest kinsman refused his duty of taking care of the property in Naomi’s hands after Elimilech’s death – This is likely why he is not named in the book, to avoid shaming him for shirking his duties

Boaz asked the elders to witness the agreement between him and Naomi’s kinsman at the gates of the city

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