Interesting Facts About Elisha the Prophet

Elisha was incredibly blessed by God. He did more miracles in the Old Testament than anyone except Moses. Where Elijah was fiery and destructive, Elisha was more compassionate and merciful. His ministry was less prophetic and more focused on performing miracles that proclaimed the power of God. Elijah said that Elisha would likely do double the work than he did in the Name of God. Where Elijah was a messenger of vengeance, Elisha was a messenger of mercy. Unlike Elijah, Elisha died a natural death due to illness. However, such was the power God gave him, that his deceased body brought a dead person back to life when it came into contact with him.

Interesting Facts About Elisha

Name: Elisha

Family: Shaptat of Abelmeholah (Father)

Nicknames: My God is Salvation

  • Meaning of Elisha


  • Merciful
  • Toleration
  • Compassion
  • Courageous
  • A model leader

Accomplishments/Major Events:

  • Crossed the Jordan river on dry ground by parting the water
  • Healed a general named Naaman of leprosy by telling him to wash seven times in the Jordan River
  • Elisha’s work was mainly in miracles
  • Multiplied a small amount of oil into a large amount for Obadiah’s widow so that their family would no longer be in debt
  • Made poisonous gourds edible for the prophets that followed him
  • An iron axe head fell into the Jordan, this greatly distressed a young prophet who lost it because it was borrowed, Elisha cast a rod of wood into the water, it sank, and the axe head rose to the surface of the water
  • Elisha’s dead body once restored someone to life who came into contact with it


  • Elisha died a natural death unlike Elijah, he died after a long battle with illness