Prayers for Your Grandchild

It has been said that the best part of having children is grandchildren! Grandchildren are a blessing and a wonderful addition to any family. The Bible tells us that children’s children are the crown of old men, in Proverbs 17:6, and many grandfathers feel that way about their young princes and princesses! 

Prayers for Your Grandchild

For Christian grandparents, praying for grandchildren is an honor and a blessing. Sometimes a grandparent will want to do more than just pray for simple blessings on their grandchildren, though, and so there are some additional ideas below to aid in praying more specifically for grandkids.

Prayer for a Group of Grandchildren

Many grandparents have more than one grandchild. It is not uncommon for older grandparents to have a large number of grandchildren, especially if they had more than one child themselves. Therefore, some grandparents may desire to pray for their grandchildren as a group most of the time. 

“Heavenly Father, I come to you to pray for my grandchildren. I thank You that some of them have come to know You as their Savior. Please continue to draw the others that they may experience Your unconditional love, as well. May they all learn to follow You and do Your will. Protect them from the evils of this world and give them the strength to stand up for what is right and to protect their hearts from loving the things of the world. Keep them safe from the dangers that lurk in their lives and protect them from injury and illness. Help them to grow in body and spirit and to walk daily in Your presence.”

Prayer for a Straying Grandchild

It breaks grandparent’s hearts to see their grandchildren stray from the straight and narrow way. Whether the grandchild has previously made a profession of faith or not, watching that person go down the wrong path is a difficult situation. 

“Dear Lord, this grandchild of ours has made bad choices and left the teachings of our children. This grandchild is headed into danger, without even realizing it. Draw our grandchild to You and protect, as much as possible, this child from the bad decisions. Help our grandchild to experience Your faithfulness and turn to You from this awful situation.”

Prayer for Grandchildren’s Future Spouses

It is the desire of Godly grandparents to see their grandchildren happily married to the spouses God intended for them. While grandparents cannot make that decision for their grandchildren, they can pray that God will guide throughout the dating process. 

“Father God, one day we hope to see our grandchildren marry. We desire that their marriages will be happy ones, filled with love, laughter, and their own children. We know that You have prepared spouses for our grandchildren. Wherever those young people are, please bless them and protect them until You bring them together. Help our grandchildren to keep their hearts and bodies for their spouses and help them to find them in Your time. Help those future spouses to also keep their hearts and bodies until they meet the spouse that You have chosen for them.”

Prayer for Grandchildren’s Faith

Every Christian grandparent knows that the most important thing for a grandchild to do is to know Christ as Savior. Immediately after that is to stand strong in the faith. Every Christian can use God’s help and the whole armor of God.

Prayer for Lost Grandchild

“Dear Jesus, draw our grandchild to You. You know how much we care and how important it is that our grandkid learns to know You and follows You wholeheartedly. Send people to tell about You, people that will be relatable and be able to get through. Give my grandchild understanding and bring the child to You.”

Prayer for Christian Grandchild

“Dear Lord, thank You that our grandchild has chosen to follow You. We would love to see this child live faithful to You in all areas of life. Give strength to hold to the faith and stand up for what is right, always. Give strength of character, strength of faith, and strength of body to stand up for what You desire. Thank You for Your mercy and grace.”

Prayer for Protection and Safety

The world at large seems to have become a lot more dangerous since most grandparents were their grandchildren’s ages. Safety is a much bigger prayer concern than it may have been in the past.

“Father God, bless my grandchildren with safety. Protect them from the evil that runs rampant in our world. Keep them safe from those who would exploit them. Keep them safe from traffickers, from bullies, from molesters, from all kinds of evil. Surround them with the hedge of Your protection and encompass them in Your loving arms.”

Prayer for Growth and Strength

The early years of children are full of growing physically. They go from tiny babies to grown people in a fairly short period of time. However, even after that growing is complete, they still need to grow spiritually and in character. 

“Dear Lord, grant my grandchild growth, as appropriate. Give a health body as well as a healthy mind. Give understanding and faithfulness for spiritual growth. Fill my grandchild’s heart and life with what is needed to grow into an amazing, strong, and Godly young person.”

Prayer for Good Friendships and Influences

The world is full of people, and every one of them that moves in the same circles as another person has the potential to influence that person, to become a friend, or to be a problem. Christian grandparents want to see their grandchildren surrounded by good influences and making friends with people who will lift them up, not tear them down.

“Heavenly Father, bring the right people around my grandchildren. Provide them with mentors, friends, and authority figures that will point them toward You and encourage them to do what is right. Keep them from alliances with the ungodly and people who would bring them down or lead them into sin. Keep them from temptation. Help them, too, to be the kind of friends that others would want for their kin.”

Prayer for Education and Learning

For their first 18 or so years, kids have a lot of educational opportunities and requirements. While they often do not realize it, grandparents know that it will be a great advantage to the children to take advantage of as many educational opportunities as possible. Along with encouraging the children to learn, grandparents can pray for God’s assistance in these matters.

“Dear Jesus, help my grandchildren to remember the lessons they are learning in school. Give them good retention and help them to focus. Give their teachers wisdom to pique their interest and encourage them to learn more. Help these kids to learn how to learn and to love learning. Give them good classroom experiences and both keep them from being bullied and keep them from being bullies. Help them to enjoy the activities and lessons they complete daily and help them to be able to do their homework and understand what they are doing.”

Grandchildren are a blessing and praying for them is a blessing for their Christian grandparents.