Prayers for Your Child Who Is Expecting a Baby

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shoes pregnancy child clothing

Once parents have married off their children, the next big event in the lives of many new couples is that of expecting a new family member. It has been said that grandbabies are the best part of raising children! Christian parents will want to add this special event to their prayers for their adult children, especially those adult children who are married.

Prayer for Adult Married Child and Spouse Who Are Expecting

Ideally, this is how families will work. Christian parents want to see their children happily married and starting a family in a stable environment. Healthy newlyweds (or even if they have been married for a while) having children is the best option. Nevertheless, there are still risks and challenges that go along with pregnancy, and these new parents still need prayer.

“Heavenly Father, thank You for the blessing You have given to our children! The prospect of a new baby in the house is so exciting and we know that these kids will be great parents. Bless her with a healthy pregnancy without complications and help him to remember that she is not fragile but does need a bit of extra care. Keep them communicating. Bless the baby with good health and give them a good birth experience.”

Prayer for Adult Unmarried Child Who Is Expecting

Sometimes, even Christian kids end up pregnant outside of a stable marriage relationship. This can happen through a relationship, or through assault. Regardless how the pregnancy begins, the fact is that the baby is a blessing. In the case of assault, the child is a good thing that can come out of a bad situation – beauty for ashes.These parents definitely need a solid covering of prayer.

Prayer for Daughter Pregnant Out of Wedlock, Not Assault

“Lord Jesus, You know that humans make mistakes, and our daughter is no exception. However, You chose to bless her with this precious baby and we pray that You will give her strength to do what is best for this child, whether that means raising the child or putting the child up for adoption. Help us, as her parents, to support her through this process. Give her a healthy pregnancy and keep it free of complications.”

Prayer for Daughter Pregnant After Assault

“Dear God, we know that You are as grieved by this terrible attack as we are. We pray that You will heal our daughter’s mind and body. Thank You for the precious child that You have given life to and help this baby to be a means of healing, as well. Help us to support our daughter and help her to have strength of body and character to birth this baby. If she is unable to raise this child, help the child to go to a loving adoptive family that will raise the child to know You. Thank You for Your grace and mercy.”

Prayer for Son Whose Girlfriend is Pregnant Out of Wedlock

“Lord God, You know that Your children are human and we make mistakes. Our son got himself into a relationship that has resulted in pregnancy. Help him to do the right thing and be the father he has become. Help him to support his girlfriend and may they commit to each other and become a stable family unit. Give her a healthy pregnancy and give them a healthy baby.”

Prayer for Adult Married Child and Spouse Who Desire Pregnancy

Sometimes young couples desire to start a family but find themselves not conceiving month after month. This can be very stressful and difficult. Some may just keep trying, while others may seek medical intervention to assist. Whichever the couple chooses, the only One Who can give life is God, so appealing to Him is the best option. Christian parents can support their children through this process with prayer as well as other ways.

“Heavenly Father, our children desire to begin a family. You know that they have not yet been successful in achieving conception, and we know that only You can give life. Please bless these young people with a baby. Give them the faith to trust You and give them peace as they keep trying. If they have chosen to see a fertility specialist, give the doctor wisdom to help them, either through a proper diagnosis and treatment, or through appropriate assistance. Thank You for our children; may You allow them to know the blessing of having children as well.”

Prayer for Expecting Parents When There Are Complications

Pregnancy often comes with complications, which is not generally something the mother is doing wrong, but just the way life is. While some complications are fairly minor, there are some that can be life threatening for either the mother or the baby – or both.

“Dear Jesus, please be with this young couple whose pregnancy is having issues. Touch mama and baby and heal the problems. Keep both from harm and give them a peaceful remainder of the pregnancy and a very good birth experience. Give the parents strength and grace as they walk this difficult road.”

Prayer for Impending Birth

The time is near! Baby is about to make his or her debut into the outside world. Leaving the safety and comfort of mama’s womb can be a traumatic experience for both mother and baby, but it can also be one of the most amazing and beautiful experiences ever. Naturally, Christian parents desire the latter for their children and entreat the Father accordingly.

“Father God, thank You for this child, and that this pregnancy has endured to this point. Bless the birth experience and allow these new parents to have an amazing experience. Give them a peaceful and beautiful adventure and may there be no negative incidents during this undertaking. Help baby to arrive safely and to be healthy and a joy to this young family.”

Prayer for Adult Married Child and Spouse Who Are Adopting

Sometimes conception is elusive, and couples find that a biological baby is not in their future. When the couple decides that biology is not important to them and they want to expand their family by embracing whatever children the Lord allows to be added to their home, they generally begin the process of adoption. This process can be heartbreaking, stressful, and expensive. Holding up the couple in prayer is a special way that Christian parents can support their children through the process, as well as being there for them and occasionally, when possible, offering monetary support.

“Our Father, we know You have Your reasons for not allowing our children a biological child of their own. We know that there are many children out there who need homes. Please bring the right children to our children and help them as they navigate the process of adopting. Sooth the child’s mind and help the child to understand being loved and wanted. Fill our children’s family with love and laughter and may they be joyful parents of children.”

Being parents is an amazing, nerve wracking, glorious, scary prospect. Knowing that God hears and prayer changes things can be a source of peace and comfort through all the situations that are involved in the process of adding children to a family.