Top Christian Apps

Technology has the potential to seize control of our lives. Mobile devices and surfing the internet have made a huge impact on us every day. While there are many benefits, technology can lead us to some not very pleasant situations. But we cannot deny the usefulness of these mobile devices. One of the best examples to illustrate how useful they can be is the ever-increasing field of Christian apps. They help to build and further bolster your spiritual experience, or help to rediscover your spiritual self, while you’re on the go.

The Nativity Story

Would you like to share the gospel with someone in an easy flip-book style format? If so,  then check out this app – it’s great for kids!
The-Apologetics Study Bible for Students

This app allows you to study and delve deeper into the Word of God. Get yourself equipped with thoughtful but realistic answers to the more difficult and profound challenges as well as the more important issues of faith and life. Consider this app as your introduction to Christian Apologetics. It is available for all iOS devices.

The ABCs of God

For parents, this is an excellent app to have when you want to teach your preschool kids the basics of the alphabet as well as to introduce them to God and His Word. Use the app with your kids on a regular basis and your efforts will pay off as your child will begin his/her schooling with a solid educational, as well as religious, foundation. It is available for the iPad only.

she reads truth

She Reads Truth is an excellent Bible app for women. It has a beautiful and highly customizable interface, it has various reading plans for free as well as for a fee, and also features a journal which allows you to jot down the way you feel as well as you progress through the Bible journey you’re on. This app also allows you to get in touch with other women who also follow the Scriptures, giving a sense of communal feeling and love towards God and His Word. This is a really neat and organized app. It is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

SermonAudio iPhone + iPad Edition

If you want a great religious sermon to get you through the everyday grind, while driving, or sweating it out inside the gym, then this app will suit you perfectly. Listen to sermons from the great preachers from the past and present. It is downloadable on your iOS and Android devices.

Scripture Typer

The Scripture Typer is one app every devoted Christian need in order to memorize verses in the Scripture. Use this app to type verses out, draw illustrations, use additional tools such as flashcards, create your own verse collections, and so much more. It will help you accelerate your memorization. It is reported that users who never thought they could memorize the Scripture have found success from using this app. It is free for your Apple and Android devices.

You Bible

Scourby YouBible is considered the best audio bible app around. Alexander Scourby’s melodious reading of the King James Bible would be reason alone for users to download this app for a fee ($19.99). Scourby spends over 70 hours of reading the Scriptures, and this is a huge feat. This app allows you to customize your playlists when you need to listen to a portion of the Scriptures that addresses your particular needs. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Plugged In

While this app isn’t as great as its website, it still offers users instant access to movies, music, TV, DVD, and game reviews via your iOS and Android devices. Plugged In is like any other app that reviews media stuff, but it also reviews from an objective, Biblical point of view.

OT39 Old Testament Flashcards

For $3.99, the OT39 Old Testament Flashcards provide innovative, educational, and fun Bible-centric flashcards. This is perfect for anyone who is busy teaching children in their ministry about the Old Testament. And what’s more, from just a simple app like this, kids and adults will be delightfully surprised to learn many things about the first section of the Bible.

Kids In Mind

This is like the PluggedIn app, but the list of movies in Kids in Mind is not as comprehensive, just the popular Hollywood films that you want to know if they are appropriate for your children. Kids in Mind doesn’t hand out the usual ratings like in many movie reviews; instead, it rates movies based on three factors: violence, sex/nudity, and profanity, and then give a 1 to 10 scale rating for each movie.

Jesus Film Media

The Jesus Film Media is the app created by the Jesus Film Project, an evangelical organization devoted to distributing the 1979 film Jesus. Nearly everyone can watch the film because it is translated into many languages and dialects. This app helps you to share the film with everyone you love, all around the world.

Jesus Calling

Jesus Calling is a digital book created by Harper Collins Christian Publishing. It invites readers to take a look at the peace that Jesus Christ brought to the world. This makes a perfect gift for any woman who is trying to find a simple yet heartfelt devotional that gets to the core succinctly yet beautifully. The app is available at $9.99 for iOS devices.

Holy Bible

The YouVersion from is another outstanding Bible audio app with great features. The speaker, while it’s not Alexander Scourby, also does his reading pretty well. The great thing about it is that it’s free, but the downside is that the app requires an Internet connection.

Fighter Verses

Another great Bible memorization app, it has settings you may customize and a user-friendly interface, making the task even easier for everyone, including kids. It is available for both Apple and Android devices for $2.99.


Available only on iPad, Feast & Famine is a game based on the life of Joseph in Egypt. This game requires strategy and a dash of luck to get enough food and supplies to defend and save the House of Israel. It features a crypto-math game designed in an ancient Egyptian style, and even on just the first round, you will definitely find yourself becoming addicted to it.

Dig Quest

Bring out the explorer and archaeologist in you by downloading this app for free. It is intriguing and fun, it will keep both kids and parents occupied in discovering the Holy Land through the Hebrew interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Blue Letter Bible

Available for iOS mobile devices only, this comprehensive Bible-based app has more than 30 translations available — for free. You can personalize your Bible study by picking up and highlighting the verses that you like. This is a useful Bible study tool, although it requires an Internet connection, at least with some of the features.

Billy Graham

There’s no one else who’s more influential in the evangelical world than Billy Graham. This user-friendly app has many features including the free daily Billy Graham Devotion, videos, and many classic Billy Graham sermons.

Bible Quiz 3D

Want to flex your Bible knowledge? This Christian-based game is surprisingly fun and even addictive. The game pits you and the other users playing against each other online, which means an Internet connection is required to play this game. Kids, in particular, will not only enjoy it, but they will also learn more about their faith and embrace God and His Word.

Bible is is a comprehensive app that offers users to Scriptures that have been translated into several languages. It also features a dramatization of the Bible in audio, as well as The Jesus Film Project. It has a vast number of resources which are the answer to your need for spiritual uplifting.

Bible+ by Olive Tree

This app is for free for both iOS and Android. Highly customizable to match the user’s preferences, you can highlight the verses with personalized highlighters, take down notes, and change the font and color schemes to ones you find the most readable. You can even personalize the gestures to make navigation around the app much easier. This is one of the most powerful Christian apps that will enhance your Bible experience.