Facts About the Apostle Paul

Paul, originally named Saul, is one of the strongest examples of the healing power of Christ in the Bible. When…

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Great Christian Movies Since 2000

There have been many great Christian movies made since the beginning of motion pictures on film, around 1896. Since 2000,…

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The First Great Awakening

The First Great Awakening was one of two great religious revivals that swept across the American colonies.  The Awakening, despite…

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Early Christian Music

Music has been used to worship a deity for over a millennium and in Christianity from its inception around 30…

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Businesses You Didn’t Know Were Christian

Many consumers may not realize that some of the big brands are influenced by Christian beliefs and devotion. It is…

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1980s Top Christian Adult Contemporary Songs

Adult contemporary Christian music is the genre or radio music format that caters specifically for devout Christian listeners aged 20s…

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The Best Christian Apologetics Websites And Resources

Looking for great resources to prove the existence of Christianity and defend your faith?  Check this list out for some…

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Top Christian Apps

Technology has the potential to seize control of our lives. Mobile devices and surfing the internet have made a huge…

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Top Christian Vacation Destinations

Whether you’re looking for a step back in history, just looking for sightseeing pleasure, needing to find spiritual enrichment or all of…

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Top Billboard Christian Songs of the 2000s

The Billboard Christian Songs chart was launched in 2003. From its early years until 2013, this chart used to rank…

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Top 15 Christian Songs of the 1990s

Here are the top 15 Christian songs from the 1990s – some fantastic and classic hits. “That’s What Love Is For”…

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The Oldest Historical Churches

The grandeur and/or peerless historical value of most old churches will captivate every person who has a penchant for antique,…

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