Using Colors to Share the Gospel

Colors have been used to represent things and aid in learning for centuries. We automatically associate certain emotions, activities, and ideas with certain colors because they have been used that way for so long, such as “green with envy” and “feeling blue.” In a similar manner, colors can be used to teach the truth of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation – and not just to children, but to anyone who needs to hear it. 

There are a variety of ways to do this, but the most common one is called “The Wordless Book.” This is usually a small book – about credit card sized, but a little thicker – that has pages that are solid colors. These are, in order, yellow or gold, black, red, white, and green (which is usually the cover). 

  • Yellow or gold stands for heaven – where the streets are made of gold. It is a place where all those who have accepted Christ’s sacrifice for their sins will spend eternity. While this is the first page in most pre-made Wordless Books, some who make their own prefer to place it after the white page, as an additional result of accepting the Saviour. The version made by Children’s Evangelism Fellowship has the gold page in both locations. 
  • Black, or dark, stands for the sins that darken the heart and prevent people from being able to go to heaven, because God cannot allow sin into His perfect home. Everyone has sinned, according to the Bible, so this applies to everyone. Be careful to refer to darkness like night with children, to prevent them from equating it with skin color; some may misunderstand if one says “black is sin” to mean the people rather than the color of the page. 
  • Red represents the blood of Christ which washes away the entirety of the sin of those who accept it. This is because He died in the place of all mankind but did not remain dead. Jesus is the only man in the history of the world who was able to die and return Himself to life. Because of his blood and resurrection, mankind can be saved.
  • White, or clean, is to show the purity of one’s heart after accepting the forgiveness offered by Jesus. The Bible says that Christians are washed “whiter than snow.” This can also be used to point out that when one is saved, it is like a light is turned on of understanding and spiritual sight.
  • Green reminds new Christians to grow in Christ by reading and studying the Bible, praying regularly, and doing what God wants. 

There are some groups who add a blue page. This could represent water, as believers are expected to be baptized, or it could represent sky, referring to the future return of Jesus Christ. 

Another group of evangelists have created a more comprehensive “Gospel colors” lesson, which is similar but expanded. Its set of colors is as follows: 

  • Purple represents God’s glory and royalty. 
  • Black again represents sin, showing that man has failed to glorify God and deserves judgment.
  • Red again stands for Jesus’ blood, which is the only way to remove the stain of sin.
  • White is used to represent a new heart, which is the result of accepting God’s sacrifice for sin.
  • Blue represents faith, because that is the only way to receive God’s grace.
  • Green stands for the Christian’s new life in Christ. 
  • Yellow again is used to remind of the kingdom of Heaven where God reigns eternal, where Christians will spend eternity with Jesus. 


There are a variety of options to use color to share the Gospel to others, such as books, crafts, and bracelets. The Christian color bead bracelet meaning the Gospel may be one of the easiest ways to carry the Gospel everywhere. 

The original Wordless Book can be purchased from Child Evangelism Fellowship. Other products that explain the idea and that use similar colors and symbolism to offer the same message are also available, such as the ones below.

Where to Buy
Magic Wordless Book
Magic Gospel Pocket
The Wordless Book
Colors of Salvation Silicone Bracelets
Silicone Gospel Story Bracelet with Card
Silent Gospel Bracelet
Bracelet Kit
Pocket Card Plan of Salvation
Salvation Story Bookmarks
Salvation Bracelet – Fishing Swivel

1. Magic Wordless Book

Made by the same people as the original Wordless Book, this ‘magic’ book changes pages as it is flipped, offering a unique way to present the Gospel to anyone, but especially to children.

2. Magic Gospel Pocket

Also from Child Evangelism Fellowship, this pocket sized magic item changes colors to give the plan of salvation in a colorful way.

3. The Wordless Book

Available in Kindle or paperback, this expanded version of the Wordless Book has multiple pages of each color, but still has simply the colors, without words.

4. Colors of Salvation Silicone Bracelets

These rubbery bracelets contain the colors from the Wordless Book, including blue. With 12 in a pack, this is a great option for youth groups or Sunday School classes.

5. Silicone Gospel Story Bracelet with Card

Because the colors “black” and “white” can be controversial at times, this set uses gray to represent sin and leaves out the clean/white section altogether, while still telling the Gospel and encouraging a relationship with God

6. Silent Gospel Bracelet

This bracelet has five beads strung on a faux suede cord, ready to wear. A card that explains the meanings of the colors in both English and Spanish is included.

7. Bracelet Kit

Six bags of opaque beads in white, black, green, red, blue, and yellow are packaged with 100 yards of waxed cotton thread. With 900 pieces per package, this set can make up to 275 bracelets.

8. Pocket Card Plan of Salvation

This pocket card has the plan of salvation, color-coded, on one side, and a suggested prayer on the other along with a place to record the date. The card is laminated and its size is 2.125” x 3.5”; 100 cards are included in the packet.

9. Salvation Story Bookmarks

This set of 25 bookmarks are 2”x6” and contain a simple plan of salvation, with each section’s background a color that relates to the content.

10. Salvation Bracelet – Fishing Swivel

This metal bracelet has six beads on it and comes with a card that explains the colors. Durable and handy, this bracelet allows wearers to carry the Gospel with them wherever they go.