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10 Interesting Facts About Different Books of the Bible – Genesis


It is the first book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible. According to tradition, it is Moses who authored the book, although this remains speculation. It starts with God’s creation of the heaven and earth as well as the first man and woman. He makes man as His regent, but after man commits the “original sin” and thus disobeys Him, God removes Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Later, because of man’s sin, He destroys the world through the Flood except for the family of Noah, a righteous man.

Even after the Flood, the world is still wicked and sinful. However, this time He doesn’t destroy it; instead He chooses Abraham as His instrument of redemption. This is also the time where God is at the early stage of building His own nation, Israel.

God faithfully maintains the bloodline of Abraham like He had promised — from Abraham all the way to his descendant Joseph when the latter was in Egypt. However, at the end of the book His people find themselves in Egypt — a foreign land — and doubt about whether there is a promised land.

Bible Verse Genesis

Adam originally called Eve woman – After the fall of Man, Adam gave Eve her name. Eve most closely means “The mother of all living.”

Noah’s father was named Lamech – Lamech was the son of Methuselah, and had Noah when he was 182 years old, and died at the age of 777

Bible Verse Genesis

Until the Flood, Earth had never experienced rain – It took a lot of faith for Noah to build the ark when God told him that rain, which no one had ever experienced, would cover the Earth.

The oldest man in the history of the world appears in Genesis - Methuselah, son of Enoch, lived 969 years, much longer than any other man or woman in history.

Methuselah’s name means “when he dies, it will come” – The year of Methuselah’s death the Great Flood occurred, making Methuselah’s name’s meaning come true

Jacob’s name literally means “heel grabber” – When Jacob and Esau were born Esau came first followed shortly by Jacob, who was grabbing Esau’s heel on his way out.

Bible Verse Genesis

Shortly after Abel’s death, Adam and Eve had another son named Seth – Seth’s name means “the anointed one” and from Seth’s line, Noah was born.

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