Christian History

Facts About the Apostle Paul

Paul, originally named Saul, is one of the strongest examples of the healing power of Christ in the Bible. When he was named Saul, he was one of the foremost persecutors of Christians. He was incredibly lost. Christ blinded him, which lead to Saul becoming Paul. The hate and malice in his heart was torn away by Christ. Paul went on to become the greatest missionary this world has ever seen. Paul also wrote a majority of the New Testament. He also holds the record for the most books of the Bible written. Paul was eventually martyred for his faith, likely during the persecution of Nero. He was beheaded.

Name: Paul (Saul)

Family: Andronicus, Junia, Jason, Sosipater, Lucius, unnamed sister, and unnamed nephew

  • For the named family members, their exact relation to Paul is unknown

Nicknames: Saul, New Man

  • Not exactly a nickname, this was Paul’s name before becoming a Christian
  • New Man comes from the fact that Paul completely and utterly changed after becoming a Christian


  • Persistent
  • Patient
  • Courageous
  • Humble
  • Uncompromising
  • Yielding (when the situation called for him to be)
  • Ethical
  • Forgiving

Life before Christ:

  • Was born in Tarsus, in Asia Minor, one of the oldest places in the world
  • Educated in Jerusalem
  • Became a zealous nationalist
  • Was likely a Pharisee
  • Was present at the martyrdom of Stephen
  • Became one of the foremost persecutors of Christians


  • Jesus temporarily blinded Saul until he became a follower of Christ
  • Wrote the most books of the Bible out of anyone
  • Is considered the greatest evangelist and missionary the world has ever seen
  • Was imprisoned for two years
  • Was shipwrecked on Malta on his way to Rome to be in prison
  • Was martyred for his faith, likely during the persecution of Nero


  • Paul was beheaded by Nero