Introduction to Abraham

Abraham, originally named Abram, is the perfect example of faith and trust in God. He was living a prosperous life…

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Introduction to Esther

Esther is one of the best examples of God using women in His Perfect Plan. She was a Jew living…

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Facts About the Apostle Paul

Paul, originally named Saul, is one of the strongest examples of the healing power of Christ in the Bible. When…

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Icons – Their History and Use in Religion

The term icon comes from the Greek word eikōn which means “image.” Religious icons are works of art based on…

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The Oldest Historical Churches

The grandeur and/or peerless historical value of most old churches will captivate every person who has a penchant for antique,…

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Interesting Facts about Martin Luther

Martin Luther (1483-1546) was a German former Roman Catholic (Augustinian) friar and priest who became the most influential and significant…

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Largest Church Buildings

This article tackles the largest Christian churches from many parts of the world. What is meant by “church” here, it…

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